Venice, Italy – Part 1

I have managed to visit and photograph the enchanting and beautiful city of Venice three times and I can honestly say that I think it is the most beautiful city on Earth. Here are four examples of photographs from my website at John Stirling Photography. You can see further Venice photographs there:

San Giorgio Maggiore

The Campanile and Grand Canal

Santa Maria della Salute

Rialto Bridge

The beauty of Venice lies in its historical buildings, lack of modern structures, its unique location and its people! Well worth a visit sometime!

5 thoughts on “Venice, Italy – Part 1

    • Thanks for the comments on both Venice and Norfolk! Two very different places but both beautiful in their own right! If you do get the chance to visit Venice, book a hotel or apartment in Venice itself. It gives you early morning till late at night and so many photographic opportunities. If you stay on the mainland, you end up going into the city with hordes of other people at about 9.30am and leave with the same horde about 3.30pm. Before and after are much quieter at the tourist spots and while the masses are there during the day, you can explore the islands of the lagoon or the back streets. Completely safe place, even at dead of night and, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t smell! Thanks AJ!

  1. Beautiful photos ! The architecture there is simply superb, as I see it in the photo of the Santa Maria Della Salute. This city is magical, I hope I can visit someday.

    • My goodness, I wasn’t expecting any more comments on my very first post ever! How pleasant! Thanks, Jocelyne! Much appreciated! You just must find an opportunity to visit Venice! It is more than magical and once you have been you will want to return again and again!



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