Back to England for this photo blog! We live in a very small country but with such a varied landscape. We take our motorhome to Norfolk every couple of years and I just love the peace and quiet, the great weather we have been lucky enough to have, and the photography. You will have to bear with me because in my last ‘Venice’ photo blog, my first blog ever, I did add comments to each photograph but they didn’t appear in the blog? Anyone who can help out with that one would be much appreciated! Some viewers looked at my last ‘Venice’ blog but I received no ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ about the photos or sharing experiences of visiting the place! Hopefully, this one will draw more interest? If you haven’t looked at the Venice photo blog, have a look. I think it is worth viewing.

One of the fascinating things about the broads is that you can be driving along amidst fields and suddenly you see some sails apparently moving across the land! Bizarre the first time you see it! The five photographs you can see here are based around the Ludham area and I hope you like them:

Thurne Mill (Drainage Pump)

Thurne Mill at Sunset

Horsey Mill

Wherry on River Ant passing Turf Fen Mill

Now, have you got the colour right?

There we go, just a few of my Norfolk photos for your perusal. More can be seen in my website at John Stirling Photography! Thanks for visiting!


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