Ayr, Scotland

I used to go to this area on holiday with my parents when I was a boy, well before the majority of people jetted off to far away and sunny places. It was only 20 miles away from my home city of Glasgow but could have been a world away! I still remember at 8 years of age, asking my mum and dad over and over, “Are we there yet?”, even over what is now considered such a short distance! My wife and I still visit Ayr from time to time and this is a new selection of photographs from there:

An Iconic Building used for Children's Indoor Play

An old piece of Ayr Harbour with Arran in the Background

Sign for the 'Lang Scots Mile'

Hazy Sunset at Ayr

Ayr Harbour

See more Ayr photographs at John Stirling Photography!

2 thoughts on “Ayr, Scotland

  1. John

    You are one patriot Glaswegian as myself….I received your webpage from a dear friend of mine and co-worker by the name of Todd Materazzi who lives in Annapolis, Maryland, who is also a photographer. I lived and went to school in the Temple/Anniesland area (i.e. Temple Primary, and Knightswood Secondary School) and like yourself I also watched the QE-II being built, and when I was an apprentice at Barr and Strouds in Anniesland, Glasgow I clearly remember the day we took the afternoon off and went to the south side of the River Clyde and watched the ship being launched. You mentioned the Whiteinch – Govan ferry. Well, I also I remember my trip across the River Clyde on the Whiteinch Ferry with my father on our way to to see Rangers play at Ibrox Park, and remember seeing all the greasy floating oil on the water….didn’t dare touch the water like you did…..was not that daring…my father would have killed me and yes, it could be dangerous. But is was fun going back and forth. Once we walked up the stairs at the Govan Ferry side, I will always remember looking up and seeing the hulls of the big ships being built. BTW: Your pictures are simply stunning, and the picture you took on the River Clyde with the large crane on it (which was the largest crane in the world at one time) shows the the Crowne Plaza Hotel where we stay when we visit Glasgow – the people of Glasgow are ‘the salt of the earth’. There is a restaurant we just love not far from the hotel called Two Fat Ladies (used to be called ‘The Buttery’ back some year ago). My family owned a hairdressers salon right at Finniestoun Cross. My aunt owned it along with her husband. I think she was the only lady barber in Glasgow back in these days. I obviously played a lot of soccer like all Glasgow lads did, and at one time when I was about 16 yrs old I was on the Rangers 3rd reserve team and was very friendly with a lad I knew from Partick by the name of John Greenwood who played (center half & captain) for the first team a few times. Only played with the Rangers 1st reserve team (inside right) about a dozen times. Back in those days John Greig was the first team caption with Wille Henderson. Fitba was a religion to me, but I was also a Highland Dancer with the White Heather group, and along with engineering apprenticeship, all of it kept me rather busy. Stayed with the White Heather group till I was about 20 – still have my picture of me in my red jacket and Dress Royal Stewart kilt which was taken when I was 18 yrs old. Started highland dancing when I was 3 yrs old with the ‘Bruce Kilties’ and came in 2nd in the Scottish Championships when I was 16 yrs old; that opened the door for me and the White Heather group – I was the stand-in highland dancer for a Dixie Ingram, their prime highland dancer with the group, who became a very close friend back in those days, along with Andy Stewart. After Barr and Stroud, I joined Rolls-Royce and spent some time at their factory in Hillington, but most of the 5 years I was there I spent at their Research and Development facility located in Hamilton (now closed). When I was 26 I went to the University of Strathclyde where I received my Masters in Mechanical Engineering. When I was 30 I joined a large engineering company out of San Francisco called Bechtel Corporation, and immigrated to Toronto, Canada where I stayed for 3-1/2 years. Since then, this only-child Glaswegian has been all over the place. Working in many places in the USA, and Caribbean, with many trips to Africa and the Far East. I currently live in Ellicott City, Maryland and work for the Boeing Company as a Senior Programs Manager. Unfortunately, I do not have the liberty to visit Glasgow and Scotland as much as you do; we were last there in August 2010 and had a great time in Glasgow for the World Pipeband Championships, and Edinburgh for the Festival and Military Tattoo. My wife is from Laurel, Maryland – south of Baltimore, and she just fell in love with Glasgow folks; she found them to be extremely friendly, although she had great difficulty understanding them at times. The friendliness of the Scots was everywhere we went. We stayed a few days at each of the following places: Cullen, Taycreggan Hotel on Loch Awe, Cameron House on Loch Lomond,,,,,,,,Glasgow for 4 days and Edinburgh for 4 days.

    John – please keep in touch – FYI I was born in Glasgow in 1945 May 7th, the day WW-II finally stopped. I was an only child, and both of my parents (Mary and Joseph) are deceased and are buried in a cemetery in Kilwinning where they were raised. My father was born in County Down, Northern Ireland and was orphaned at the age of 7 yrs old. He was the greatest man in my life – John, to this day I miss him very much.

    Hope I have not belabored you too much with myself and my stories etc…..your article and pictures ‘touched me very much’…..BTW: I have two children – Kyle (25) and my daughter Alisha (33) who is married and has three beautiful young children – 4, 3 and 2 years old – quite a handful of ‘wanes’.

    We are all of course BIG fans of Billy Connolly……

    John, hope you keep in touch….and Todd Materazzi is one great lad!!!

    Cheers, and Guid Luck from one Glaswegian Lad to another!! God Bless !!!!!

    Tel: 410-350-6635

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