Mount Titlis, Switzerland – Part 1

I love mountains, and I thought that Scotland’s mountains were high until I started going abroad! How mistaken could I have been! Yes, I still love Scotland’s mountains and its rugged countryside, but ‘real’ mountains just take your breath away! I have a friend who is a tour guide and he hates them! Can’t understand why? He says they make him feel claustrophobic! Anyway, I hope you like this weeks Photo Blog offerings from the highest mountain in Central Switzerland, Mount Titlis. These photographs were taken at 10,000 feet! Everest next?

A View from the top of Mount Titlis

The Swiss Alps from Mount Titlis

Looking down at Trubsee

A View of Engleberg from Mount Titlis

Above the Clouds

Jumper or Maintenance Man?

The man in this photograph climbed out of the cable car, up the arm, and jumped across the gap onto the gantry! Penny, my wife, couldn’t look because she thought he was trying to commit suicide! He wasn’t, thank goodness!

Hope there are lots more people out there who love mountains! Comments welcome and if you like my Photo Blog, please sign up for e-mail notification of new submissions! Thanks for viewing!

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