Florence, Italy

Florence is a beautiful city and no one who tours Italy should miss it! I have spoken to many visitors to the UK, particularly from America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, who are stunned by the age and beauty of some of our historical buildings and monuments. However, to me, many other European countries are even better at retaining their historical heritage than we are! Italy is a prime example of this, with whole town and city centres that look as though time has stood still. They still have their modern buildings but they seem to have built these mainly around the boundaries of their population centres. Go and visit – Gorgeous places and lovely people!

On this occasion, we landed in a heatwave, and I have never felt heat like it! You stepped out of your air conditioned hotel and felt like an egg frying on the pavement! The heat hit you like a brick wall! The visit was a mixture of short spells outside then into air conditioned cafes for some relief! How the locals survived I have no idea! At one point, as my wife and I were wilting fast, soaking wet with perspiration, tired beyond belief but still taking photographs – a girl jogged by, looking cool, totally composed and singing at the top of her voice! I have included the photo I took with her in it, as part of this selection! Enjoy!

Duomo Campanile from Via Ricasoli

Duomo Campanile

River Arno and Ponte Vecchio (Bridge)

Girl jogging/singing in over 40 degrees Centigrade heat!

Fully marble covered, beautiful Duomo!

Santa Croce (Church)

I hope you have enjoyed our little snapshot visit to Florence. More photographs of Florence and other beautiful places can be seen on my website!


8 thoughts on “Florence, Italy

  1. Great photographs!!! I can almost feel the heat resonating from the buildings!!! We are used to high temperatures, but 40+ ºC is pushing extremes!!! 🙂 I would most certainly pass out!! 🙂 **

    • Hi Xandre – I remember looking at a digital roadside temperature sign towards the end of our journey, while travelling from Venice to Milan to get the TGV high speed train back to Paris (did it this way for the experience) and it was showing 43ºC! It had been like that for the whole fortnight wherever we went!



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