London, England – Part 1

If you have looked at my ‘About’ page, you will know I have been around cameras for a few years, so I am well versed with film cameras as well as digital! This means that I have thousands of strips of 35mm negatives, which are sitting around doing nothing! Having thought that it was about time that I started scanning them into the Mac, I bought a Canon Canoscan 5600F Scanner! Well, it has got me stumped! I have tried all sorts of settings but cannot seem to get a final image that is not either too grainy or just downright unusable! Yet, at the time I took them, the lab prints I had done of some of them looked great – smooth, well coloured and sharp! I read reviews of the scanner before purchase and all the reports I read were complementary, so I assume it is something I am doing myself, so I will keep persevering! I thought it might be quite nice to put a selection of the best of my scanned 35mm film shots of London that I took in the late 1990s. Comments would be appreciated and any advice as to the scanner settings to produce the best 35mm film scans would be indispensable! Thanks and enjoy!

Spot the Photographer! Here's a Hint! Look for the Grey Hair!

The Photographer photographing a Photographer - Outside Buckingham Palace!

Two Young Musicians - Covent Garden!

Tower Bridge Colour and Texture

Telephone Kiosk in Chinatown, London

Carnaby Street - World Fashion Centre (1960s/1970s)

Brixton, London

The London Eye (1)

The London Eye (2)

…and to end this Photo Blog…

The top of St Paul's Cathedral

I have been to the top of the gold cross. You can go up that far but have to climb a steep ladder one at a time to have a look!

Please don’t forget! Comments and advice on scanning very welcome! If you like my Photo Blogs, also don’t forget to sign up over on the right for e-mail notification of new posts when they are published! Cheers and see you next time!

5 thoughts on “London, England – Part 1

  1. Love your captures…The telephone booth really caught my eye….London is a very special place as your photos show. I’m sorry, I can not help with the scanner problem, but I wish you good luck finding the answer…I bet someone will help you with that question…It is a good question for sure…

    • Hi Dorothy – I am glad that you liked the photographs and yes, the telephone booth is very novel! I have sheets of 35mm shots of London but it takes so long to scan them through trial and error that I haven’t actually scanned many! Will try to do some more at a later date! Thanks for visiting!



  2. London had always fascinated me. And your pictures made me want to visit this place even more. Great captures. Love the London Eye shots. 🙂

    • Hi Nandini – London just seems to be one of these places that attracts people with its history and sights. The city itself is huge, and when I was at school, I remember being told that the population of London was greater than the whole of Australia! I don’t know if that is still the case but it certainly takes a long time to drive across! Thanks for visiting!

      Take care


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