Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne is a gorgeous city that lies in the north west corner of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. My wife and I have visited on three occasions, and of those, we were lucky enough to have sunshine on one day! We have travelled quite extensively in Switzerland, because we love the country and we have always found the people to be friendly and helpful. In the main, people will switch to speaking English as soon as they know where you are from. In fact, I walked into a bar in Interlaken, hadn’t said a word, and the barmaid immediately spoke to me in English. I thought someone must have secretly tatooed ‘British’ on my forehead! Also, while waiting in a queue in a supermarket, I noticed the shop assistant speaking to other people in other languages. When it was our turn, I asked her how many languages she knew, and she said five! Obviously, that included English! I don’t think you would find many shop assistants in the UK who could speak more than English! Does that signify a problem with our education system, and is it also because we are an island? Anyway, I digress! Here are this post’s photographs of Lucerne. I hope you like them!

Church of St. Leodegar (Lucerne Cathedral)

View looking towards Lake Lucerne from the River Reuss

Looking towards Lucerne Cathedral

The Old Town

The Chapel Bridge (circa 1300) and Tower (circa 1270)

Rathaus (Town Hall) Tower

Street Trader in Lucerne

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15 thoughts on “Lucerne, Switzerland

    • Ha! Ha! Xandre, I am a Scot living in England, in the far north where it’s cold and cloudy more than it is warm and sunny, so one day of sunshine wherever I go is fab! Wish I had as much sunshine as you get though, you lucky thing!

  1. Sure looks like a beautiful and fun place…Loved your photographs.

    I understand what you are saying about our educational systems…We all should be fluent in other languages or atleast one other language.
    In America, we used to have to take two years of another language. I’m not sure what the policy is now, but two years is not enough time to be fluent…It is just an exposure to another language.

    • Thanks, Dorothy! I suppose a two year exposure is enough to build on if an individual really wants to take it further, or is going to visit a country where that language is spoken. I do think schools have to be much more selective about teaching languages that are spoken over many countries. Chinese seems to be a growing favourite at the moment!



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