Island of Burano, Italy – Part 1

The Island of Burano is a ‘must see’ for people visiting Venice or North East Italy. The island is famous for its colourful fishermen’s houses and also for lacemaking. It is kept beautifully clean and tidy and is much less busy than Venice. Penny, my wife, loves the place and bought a lace parasol, which she uses regularly in the beautiful and plentiful British sunshine (Hmm – I don’t think)! No – really – we do actually get some sunshine in Britain and she does use it occasionally! For me, photographs are all the reminders I need of travel. The only problem is that when I look at the images, I want to go back – NOW! Anyway, I once again digress! Hope you enjoy these five photographs of Burano:

Burano Square - Anyone reminded of Spaghetti Western Films?

Burano Canal - They have no names but all of the walkways do!

A Little Lace Shop on Burano - they are all over the Island

Canal Bridge and Burano Houses

Chiesa di San Martino Church Tower and Lace Shop

I am having a new website developed by my Software Engineer son, Jonathan, and it will be ready shortly. When it is fully functional I will change the link on this blog. My old website is still available by clicking on the link on the right of this page and don’t forget – if you like my photo posts – why not sign up for e-mail notification of new posts being published! You can also do this on the right of the page. I hope you enjoyed this selection of photographs of Burano and I hope you will visit next time!


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