Rome, Italy (Part 1)

Rome is a beautiful and historic city and you cannot help falling in love with it. Unfortunately, we did find it difficult to navigate and we only managed to see a few sights on our short two day visit.  We intend going back for a longer stay sometime in the next few years. We also found it incredibly busy and would advise anyone to get up early to see the sights without queues, and to move about without the hustle and bustle that is daytime and evening Rome! On the other hand, you need to experience daytime and evening Rome to soak up the atmosphere!

Imagine being places where chariots raced and moved through the streets, where Brutus assassinated Julius Caesar, where the Roman Senate met and the Coliseum roared with the gathered Roman masses, all around 2000 years ago! Oh and by the way, it would appear that Christians were not fed to the lions in the Coliseum! That was done somewhere else! The whole place is just stunning! Here are this post’s selection of photographs! I hope you like them:

The Trevi Fountain in the Evening

End Tower of 'Monumento Nazionle a Vittorio Emanuaele II' at Night

This image was taken at night, hand held! It looks really spooky and Halloween like with haunting lights and colours and a spooky statue in the bottom left!

Arch of Constantine from inside the Coliseum

Temple of Saturn within the Roman Forum

Roman Coliseum - The holes were left when the covering was removed

Inside the Coliseum

The next post, Rome, Italy (Part 2) will be published before the end of this week, and will show some more of Rome! Hopefully, you like these photographs enough to have a look! Why not sign up for e-mail notification of new posts being published!

Some of you may have clicked the link on the right which takes you to my website. This has been replaced with a new website, designed and programmed by my son, Jonathan, who is a Software Engineer. It is still being populated with larger versions of my photographs than before, and what we think is a clearer, sharper and crisper design. Please click the link and have a look! I would really value opinions whether positive or negative! Be a ‘critical friend’! That’s how things improve!

Take care


15 thoughts on “Rome, Italy (Part 1)

    • Thanks Xandre! Have you been to Rome? If you haven’t it is one of these places you should plan to visit sometime! I do wish I had seen the Trevi Fountain through the day first. Having seen it first at night, I didn’t find it so impressive in daylight! Cheers, John

    • Thank you for your comment, Jacqueline and it is nice to ‘meet’ you! – Your questions are both wishful thinking for me at the moment! I don’t live in beautiful Italy, although I sometimes dream about it when I look out at cloudy and wet Ripon, England! I am actually Scottish by nationality! I am also not travelling at the moment but am sitting at my Mac, at home, working with photographs, publishing Photo Posts and putting content on my new website! In other words, still enjoying myself! So it’s not all bad and I can look forward to more travel next year! Yippee!



      • Sounds like it! Nice to ‘meet” you too! There’s a time to travel and a time to rest, write, and organize. After almost 2 years at a desk, it might be time for me to get back out there again. We’ll see where the wind blows…

  1. I remember my trip to Rome right after college, I was just floored by all the history there. It was a dream of mine to go there. So much to see, and so much happened there. Amazing city. Gorgeous photos, John. And I’m awaiting the post tomorrow. 🙂

    • Hi Katie – Thanks for the message and the reply to your post! I hope you don’t mind, and you must let me know if you do, but I have mentioned your blog and post in my draft, underneath the photograph I was talking about. I won’t publish it tomorrow until I receive your reply! By the way – it’s a senior moment you know – how do you put the little smiley faces into your comments?



      • Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, different time zones. Sure, you can mention my blog, John. Thank you! I put the little smileys in by just putting a colon : and then a parenthesis ) together :). Again sorry that I was late to reply.

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