Venice, Italy – Part 2

My very first Photo Blog Post showed four photographs of beautiful and enchanting Venice. If you haven’t seen them, and would like to have a look, you can find them by clicking here or by looking in the September Archive on the right of this post! Anyway, I thought that being two months on from that post, I would publish a few more shots of Venice! I was once asked which city was my all time favourite out of those I have visited? For me, that has to be Venice every time! The place just captures your heart and soul, and for a brief time you lose yourself in the stunning visual beauty and history that surrounds you!  If you ever visit Venice, the best way to arrive is by water! Hire a water taxi from Marco Polo Airport and you are transported effortlessly across the lagoon and through the canals to your destination. That way, you see no vehicles, and your visit starts from the airport doors! I hope you enjoy the photographs:

Visitors arriving in Venice are immediately captivated by what they see!

San Giorgio Maggiore Church at Night

View over Venice to Murano and the Dolomite Mountains

Romantic Venice - I love the lights and their pink glass shades!

Original Art Nouveau Sign found on a Bistro in a Venice Alleyway!

In the last photograph, it was important to highlight the original Art Nouveau sign. To do so, I removed the colour from the rest of the photograph in Photoshop. It gives both a focus on the sign but also an ‘old world’ look to the image. This is my not so younger son’s (25 years of age) favourite image and he has a High Resolution A3 print of it framed on his wall! I hope you like the photographs? If you did, why not look at some of my other recent posts, look in the Archives for previous posts, and/or sign up for e-mail notification of further Photo Blog Posts! Thanks for visiting!




21 thoughts on “Venice, Italy – Part 2

    • Thanks, Katie – Have you been to Venice? The night photograph was just lucky really; I was at the right place, at the right time, on the right night! No other photographers were anywhere near me and it just made the whole visit! These shots were all taken with a Canon EOS 20D with a bog standard Canon 70-200mm zoom! I want to go back and take some more shots with the 5D MkII, but Penny, my other half, won’t let me! She says we have been there often enough and she wants to go somewhere else instead! I can see her point! I have hundreds of photos of Venice already! Oh well! Where to go next…?



  1. Beautiful photography. Your pictures helped me remember those historic places and amazingly beautiful structures. Travel by water taxis is the way to go. I have only been once, and for not very long, but I would love to go again.

  2. Beautiful captures! ‘SAN GIORGIO MAGGIORE CHURCH AT NIGHT’ is my favorite. I believe that you have used a bit of zoom(lens) to capture that night shot! Its amazing 🙂

    • Hi Nivin – Thanks for the compliments! Yes, I did use a zoom lens at 200mm for the night shot. There was no option because the church lies over a wide stretch of water. My camera also had to be on a tripod, on a wall, right on the edge of the water! I was very pleased with the outcome!



  3. Hi Nandini – Thank you for your compliments! They are much appreciated! I knew I wanted to take night photographs of this church and from where I wanted to take the shots. The rest was just pure luck – I turned up at the right time for the position of the moon, the colour of the sky and the lighting of the buildings! It was just ‘Magic’!

    Take care


    • Hi Bob – Thanks for the complement! I have thought about producing a travel type book with some of my Venice shots and seeing if someone would publish it but I am still thinking about it… still thinking about it… still thinking about it! I might still be thinking about it years from now!



  4. Your 2nd shot really shot me! Still stunned at the glow of the moon! It’s really a wonder. I had once read somewhere that moon can become really bright towards yellow for few moments during lunar eclipse. I doubt about this!

    Indeed… great collection and memories. Great timing and composition 🙂

  5. Wonderful shots John! – Would love to go Venice, but it’s another I have to add to the “Will visit, eventually” list! The one of the church over the water at night is beautiful, though I do love the 3rd one also!

    • Hi Becky – If there is anywhere in the world you must not miss, it’s Venice! It is just so different and so overwhelmingly, historically stunning that it takes your breath away! Daytime is beautiful, but night time is especially gorgeous. Everything is well illuminated and you could spend all night going around shooting everything in sight! Don’t forget to take a tripod for the night shooting! Who knows, you might have a gap year at Uni where you can go travelling around Europe!



  6. These photos are beautiful! I love the couple overlooking the marina. The colors set the tone of the photo so nicely. But the photo of the alley below it, is everything I remember about Europe when I spent the summer there as an exchange student. Your work is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

    • Nice to meet you Shayna and thanks for visiting my humble blog! Thanks also for the lovely comments! I love every facet of Venice! I have taken more photographs of Venice than any other place! Hope you managed to visit there yourself when you were in Europe!



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