Vatican City (Within Rome, Italy) – Part 2

I said that I would publish this second post looking at the Vatican City last weekend, but I have to say that I found myself avoiding it. For some unknown reason, I couldn’t bring myself to complete it, and decided to publish the ‘Venice, Italy – Another Visit’ post instead. I don’t know why I felt that way, because it is a beautiful and inspiring place to visit. Perhaps I just needed more time to think of how to describe what it feels like to be there!

If you ever visit the Vatican City, try to stop occasionally, whether you are in St Peter’s Basilica, in the Vatican Buildings, or in St Peter’s Square. Take some time to just look around; take in the opulence and beauty of the buildings and their contents; soak up the atmosphere and the history; and consider the journey of Roman Catholicism from the birth of Jesus Christ until now. It does create a sense of awe and wonder! To stand within the home of one of the world’s largest and most powerful religions is awe inspiring in itself, but when you mingle with the clergy and the faithful, who have travelled from all over the world as a pilgrimage, you feel very privileged to have had the experience yourself. I feel certain that visiting any of the world’s religious Holy Places would feel very much the same!

Here are this post’s six photographs of the Vatican City. I hope you like them:

St Peter's Basilica

A Member of the Swiss Guard

The Vatican Buildings - The next photo is a close up of the roof left of centre

The Small Chimney that is used in the election of a new Pope

The chimney is very small. You can see it sticking up from the left sloping roof! When a new Pope is being elected, black smoke indicates that a further election within conclave needs to take place. White smoke confirms the election of a new Pope!

Symbolic Painting of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus on a Vatican Wall

St Peter's Square and the Papal Apartments

I hope you enjoyed the photographs and found the post interesting? If you haven’t seen ‘Vatican City (Within Rome, Italy) – Part 1’ and would like to do so, you can click here, or access it from the archives on the right. Don’t forget to have a look at my other Photo Posts! As usual, thanks for visiting!

Take care


10 thoughts on “Vatican City (Within Rome, Italy) – Part 2

  1. Hi John!!! Yes, I can’t see a reason why you would be stalling on this post!!! ….. it looks gorgeous!!! If I one day have the chance to visit there, I wouldn’t think twice!! Thanks for sharing !!! šŸ™‚ **

    • Thanks, Xandre! You just have to visit – I know that you would appreciate the huge array of staggering artwork, the beautiful statues (British historical statues are good but Roman/Vatican statues are out of this world!) and the gorgeous architecture of the place – get it on your list of definite places to visit! You won’t be sorry!



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