What? Birds? No Landscapes?

I was amused this morning to find that one of my favourite bloggers, who I now look upon as a friend, Katie at Katie’s Camera Blog, and I had been thinking about the same subject for our next post and the same blogger who had inspired us with his work!

When I first came across ‘Texas Tweeties’ by wildlife and bird photographer Bob Zeller‘, I didn’t know what to expect as I clicked the link, and when the page came up on screen my first thought was, “It’s only photographs of birds! I’m not really interested in these!” Apart from the superb photography, something caught me and made me look closer and I actually read the narrative with the photographs! Bob’s photographs are brilliant, his narrative and humour are infectious, and he knows how to make his subject interesting in an entertaining way. He is a great blogger (No – it’s not a swear word, Bob)! I have only ever taken a few photographs of birds – a couple of swans, and a very large heron at a very great distance as part of my usual landscape work! So, for a ‘one post only change’, and this is a personal thanks to Bob for inspiring me to take an interest in our feathered friends, here are my very few ‘amateur’ attempts at shooting birds:

Swan at Kingseat Loch, Kingseat, Dunfermline, Scotland

Swans at Ludham Bridge, Norfolk, England

Heron flying over Fountains Abbey Ruins, Ripon, England

I hope you like the photographs! Thanks for visiting! Come again … and don’t be too hard on me with the critique my friend!




24 thoughts on “What? Birds? No Landscapes?

  1. John, you understate your photographic talents. The photographs of the Mute Swans are beautiful..The exposure is right on. I thank you very much for writing such praise for me, but don’t sell yourself short. You have a talent for photography, too. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Bob! I hope you didn’t find my post uncomfortable but I do feel that if someone can inspire others then they deserve credit for that! Thank you for your very kind comments. From you they are high praise indeed! Much appreciated!



    • Thanks, Xandre! I very occasionally photograph other things, like the swans, trains etc. but I particularly enjoy travel/landscape photography and will be sticking to that, with maybe the occasional diversion! By the way, I did check out the Christmas lights for our house after seeing your post – just as well I did – two sets don’t work! I don’t know about over there in South Africa, but garden centres here really ‘go to town’ with their Christmas light and decoration displays, to attract buyers, so I have a good excuse to go visit! What fun!

      Take care


    • Thanks, Katie! I can see what you mean about the two photographs you mentioned. My favourite is the second photograph. There is something about it that I can’t identify that makes it stand out for me! It might be that the swan was looking directly at me or the way its wings were ‘fluffed up’! Interesting, I often find that I like something but why I like it is difficult to put into words!



  2. I enjoy taking shots on my travels and then marrying them to appropriate (and sometimes not so appropriate) quotes. The photos are not yet of your caliber but maybe one day. I love these. Thanks!

      • Brilliant? There are a ton on here who are brilliant, witty, and full of incite. And every time I read them I wish murder and mayhem were not frowned upon. Thank you for your kind words. As usual a small donation has been made in your name (it would be improper for me to actually pay for your endorsement).

  3. John, “Heron flying over Fountains Abbey Ruins, Ripon, England” is my favorite on this page. So many places in England have such history and opportunities; thanks for capturing this moment in time.

  4. Hey John, how are you? I loved second shot, it’s just superb, I loved this swan’s wings formation. Thanks for sharing these amazing shots.

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