Charles Rennie Mackintosh – Architect & Designer

My last post concentrated on a few photographs of Glasgow, Scotland, where I was born and brought up. In this post I have published a few photographs which will hopefully give you the ‘flavour’ of one aspect of Glasgow, and how the city has celebrated one of its most innovative sons. To that end, this post is dedicated to my favourite architect and designer of all time, Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868 – 1928)! Few designers can claim to have created a unique and individual style that is so instantly recognisable, and in that respect, Mackintosh was well ahead of his time! Not only did he design the exteriors of many buildings and houses around Glasgow, but in combination with his wife, Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, who was an accomplished artist and designer in her own right, he also designed the interiors of these buildings, right down to furniture and fittings! There are many examples of his original work to be found around Glasgow, but the photographs in this post concentrate on the ‘House for an Art Lover’ which was based on a design produced by Mackintosh in 1901. The building is located in Bellahouston Park in Glasgow, where construction began in 1989. The house was opened to the public in 1996. I have included some external and internal shots of the building that I took a couple of years ago! I hope you like Mackintosh’s quite amazing concepts, his outstanding designs, and how all of the individual pieces, which are stunning and unique in their own right, blend and merge together to produce a unique building, which is in itself, a stunning piece of artwork!

'House for an Art Lover' designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

House of an Art Lover (Detail 1)

House of an Art Lover (Detail 2)

House of an Art Lover (Detail 3)

House of an Art Lover (Detail 4)

House of an Art Lover (Detail 5)

House of an Art Lover (Interior 1)

House of an Art Lover (Interior 2)

House of an Art Lover (Interior 3)

House of an Art Lover (Interior 4)

I quite understand that everyone has their own likes and dislikes about architecture, art and design, and that some of you might hate his work, however, I would hope that everyone would be able to recognise the innovation and creative genius of a man who was quite simply ‘well ahead of his time’! I hope you have enjoyed these two posts on separate aspects of Glasgow, Scotland! Please feel free to ‘check out’ my other posts from around Europe, and if you like them, why not sign up to receive e-mail notification of new posts as they are published!

Thanks for dropping by my blog!


18 thoughts on “Charles Rennie Mackintosh – Architect & Designer

    • Hi Katie – Oh my goodness! I should have remembered that you shoot architecture and mentioned your blog! That was really remiss of me! Sorry! Another ‘senior’ moment! I promise I will remember next time, (Now, which bit of ‘remember string’ on my fingers will I make Katie’s?), maybe! Glad you liked the post – the photos are way below your professional standard of exterior and interior work though!



  1. Most interesting architecture and design. Thank you for sharing. There is so much “good ” in this world. It is a delight to see these fine photos! I wish more people would stop and enjoy the creative and inventiveness of great artists and he is one great architect!

    • Yes, he is, Dorothy, and I have struggled with these photographs to do his work justice! His buildings and interiors really needs to be seen to be appreciated fully … so if you do visit Scotland; Glasgow and the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh are a must to see!



  2. Wow… for the time that this design was based on I can see why you say that he was way ahead of his time!!! Pretty impressive!!! Thanks for sharing this with us John!!! Now we know you just a little better!! 😉 Before your two Glasgow posts, the only thing I knew about it was that it’s in Scotland!!! Looks beautiful, would love to visit there someday!!! 😀 **

    • Hi Xandre – He was way, way, way ahead of his time, and for some people today, he still is! Oh, yes, I suppose you will get bits and pieces of my life through my posts and occasionally a further post from Glasgow (if I can get the hang of this ‘pain’ of a scanner)! Hope you don’t mind? I am obviously getting to know you much better too, through your posts, which is really nice!



    • Hi Karen – Thanks for your comment – it is particularly pleasing that you like that particular photograph because I have always felt that I left it with too much sky and not enough building! Just goes to show that not everyone likes or appreciates the same things in the same way – which is just as well, I suppose!

      Take Care!


  3. I love Charles Rennie Mackintosh so delighted to view your photographs.. I have been saying I must get to see this house for a long time…thank you so much for sharing.

    • Hiya Helen – Thanks for visiting my humble blog and for appreciating my work! The best place to go to see his original work is ‘The Hill House’, which is in Helensburgh, about 15 miles west of Glasgow – just follow the River Clyde and you can’t miss it! The ‘Art School’ in Glasgow is another fantastic building, and you can’t miss the ‘Willow Tearooms’ in Sauchiehall Street, where you can have a coffee and a bun in purpose built, original Mackintosh surroundings! I will pop over to your blog and pay you a visit soon!



  4. John

    I like the grey tones in House of an Art Lover (Detail 4) and love your passion to document your home.


    • Thanks, Todd! A Happy New Year for 2012 and I am certain that this year will bring much success to you and your photography! Congrats on the International prize – they are cracking photographs! I will be dropping in to your blog shortly to catch up with all of your posts!

    • Hi Shayna – Thanks for dropping by and saying hello! The guy was really a genius of his time – ‘totally thinking out of the box’. I believe that Mackintosh submitted his designs for this building to a World Renowned International Architecture Competition held in Germany but only missed first prize because his designs were incomplete! As a result, no first prize was awarded that year! On this ‘mistake’ alone, he possible missed his chance to be world famous!



  5. Great post John. We have sought out Mackintosh’s buildings while we’ve been here, and are fans ourselves. Have you seen his house in Helensburgh? His attention to detail is fantastic, and I love his colour palette.

    • Thanks, Mike! Yes, we have been to Hill House in Helensburgh a few times. It is the ‘complete package’ and a house that was actually lived in! The concept of designing everything for a house or building, including the decor, furniture and fittings is really quite staggering!



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