Lake Lucerne and the Titlis Range, Switzerland (Part 1)

Ok! If you have read my posts for some time, you will know that I love mountains and I love the country of Switzerland. In previous posts, I have shown you images from Mount Titlis, the highest mountain in Central Switzerland, and the beautiful city of Lucerne. In the next two posts I am going to continue the Swiss theme with some photographs of the Titlis Range of mountains, taken around Lake Lucerne. The area is gorgeous and we love visiting every few years. I hope you like them:

The morning mist can still be seen

Autumn colour!

These shots were taken from a little boat in the middle of Lake Lucerne!

A feast for the eyes!

The village of Bauen at the foot of the mighty Titlis Range!

Mountains and Lakes - I love them!

Try to look for the tiny buildings in the images because they help put the scale of the mountains into perspective. Yes, there really are buildings there!

I have kept the narrative shorter in this post because I think I may have been ‘wittering on a bit’ in the last few posts! When I get into the Glasgow/Scotland mode, and lots of childhood and other memories come to mind, I do get a little bit nostalgic and ‘spout’! Hmm! Maybe some of you might actually like that though? Maybe I should carry out a poll (if I knew how to do it)! Only kidding!

Whether you are a new visitor to my blog, or one of my regular ‘blogging’ friends, thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed my photographic efforts and please drop by again!



23 thoughts on “Lake Lucerne and the Titlis Range, Switzerland (Part 1)

  1. The mountains are so magnificent John. And enormous! I could see why you like going back.
    I quite enjoy your “wittering on” it’s full of interesting insights and memories. It only adds to your posts.

    Thank you for all the lovely comments you wrote on my blog. My heads a bit swollen today. πŸ˜‰


    • Hi Karen – The Alps are stunningly magnificent and make you feel very small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things! I just love them!!! I shudder to think what Mount Everest is like at 29,000 feet, more than twice as high!

      Thank you for your response to my ‘wittering on’ comment. I only have a small number of blogging friends so far and it is difficult to know what to put in and what not to!

      I really enjoyed catching up with your posts Karen and all the comments are totally deserved! Sorry about your head though. πŸ˜‰



    • Actually, Dorothy, it only takes an hour and a half to fly from here to Switzerland and two to Italy! In that respect, I haven’t really travelled very far! Haven’t been any further than Europe – would love to be able to visit the USA, Canada, China, Australia and New Zealand! Just waiting for Penny to retire (five years away) and we will see then! I can dream about it though!



  2. Wow WOW wow WOW wow!!!!! John, these mountains are gorgeous!!! great landscape photography!!! The scale of these mountains (as you’ve mentioned) are just beyond anything I can wrap my brain around!!! I have heard a LOT about Lucerne…. & it is indeed on my list of places I would love to visit!!! Thanks for sharing!!! πŸ™‚ **

  3. Hi Xandre – Well, I didn’t expect that response! You have just made my day! Lucerne is a great place to visit – lots of culture, good food, lovely people and no problems with language because most people speak English and are happy to do so! Tell me, how long is your list of places you want to visit? I want to visit everywhere so you ought to see the length of my list! πŸ˜‰ Mountains, mountains, mountains – just love ’em! πŸ™‚

    Take Care!


    • I’m not willing to make a list for fear I might slip into a state of depression….. πŸ˜‰ But I think if I do make one, it will also be an endless list!!!!! πŸ™‚ Not enough t.i.m.e. & not enough m.o.n.e.y. 😦 !!!! **

    • Hi Becky – Thanks for dropping by and yes, they are humbling! When you are looking up at them you feel so small and insignificant against their majesty, mass and sheer size! I have found nothing else that makes me feel that way! I also used to think the mountains in this country were high until I visited Switzerland! Another interesting snippet of information is the fact that the Himalayas have stopped rising out of the Earth, whereas the Alps are still getting higher! So, if we go and visit again in 10,000 years, we should find a considerable difference! I am looking forward to it!!!



  4. John

    I love this comment “The village of Bauen at the foot of the mighty Titlis Range!” – we have so much in common – yes those mountains are mighty for sure! I look forward to seeing your journey through 2012 – excited to see. I love mountains and how people have learned to inhabitant just a very small part.


  5. Hi Todd – Thanks for dropping by! I would be very happy to inhabit a very small part of such a landscape! I just find it incredible the places that people around the world manage to live, survive and thrive – often with constant risk to their livelihoods and lives! The people of Bauen wouldn’t have much chance if a ‘big rock’ suddenly broke off, would they? (Ha! Ha!) Seriously though, going around Switzerland you do come across places where enormous rocks have broken off and fallen huge distances before coming to rest partially buried! There are also the results of massive rockslides to be seen – one example is on the only road to Zermatt, which lies under the mighty Matterhorn! In 2012 I would be very happy to find a scanner which would allow me to scan the masses of 35mm film I have quickly and with some quality! I hope to also take some photographs, although maybe not abroad this year! I am on a pension you know!



  6. I really enjoyed these 2 posts on Switzerland,the mountains are magnificent ! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos !
    John, I hope you are doing fine, we haven’t hear from you in the last month, I hope nothing bad happened to you !
    Have a nice almost week-end !

    • Hi Jocelyn – I am going back through my posts checking that I have replied to everyone’s comments! Hmmm! Your comment looks familiar! I might have replied to this one while my Mac was away for repair, and my reply on the laptop has just not registered – anyway – if I haven’t, I am fine and thanks for your concern! As I said, my Mac broke down and I was without access to my photographs for the last month! Have started posting again and will catch up with your blog and your fantastic photography this week!



  7. Mountains & lakes my favorite too. I can only hope I get pictures half as good as yours when we visit Switzerland in May. If you ever get to Australia be sure to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge to get fantastic photos of the Opera House. Maybe not as exciting as the mountains but fun all the same.

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