Lake Lucerne and the Titlis Range, Switzerland (Part 2)

Thanks to everyone who had a look at Part 1 of this post, particularly to those who clicked the ‘like’ button, commented, or who subscribed for e-mail notification of new posts on the strength of it! Part 2 publishes 6 more photographs taken around beautiful Lake Lucerne, looking towards the Titlis range of mountains. The mountains you can see surrounding the lake are not the highest in the range, and you cannot actually see Mount Titlis (the highest mountain in Central Switzerland) itself! I always think it is a pity that so many of the world’s highest mountains are near the middle of huge mountain ranges and that we cannot see them from sea level to their peaks! I think that would not only be a staggering sight, but would be totally mind blowing!  You can click here, Mount Titlis, Switzerland, to see photographs of the highest mountain in the range. We stayed in the small town of Hergiswil, on the banks of Lake Lucerne. From here, we had easy road, rail and bus access to Lucerne and various other areas of Switzerland. The transport system is second to none and as an example, passes are available for tourists which allow open rail travel around the country at reasonable prices! The trains are always on time too! Anyway, here are the photographs for this post. I hope you enjoy them!

A view of Bauen from Lake Lucerne!

A view of Bauen - from a different angle!

Closer view of one of the Mountains surrounding Lake Lucerne!

A closer view of one of the Mountains surrounding Lake Lucerne!

A View of Stansstad from Hergiswil, Lake Lucerne!

The Titlis Range with Stansstad in the foreground!

I have always had this feeling that I would like to be able to be in all the beautiful places I have ever visited all the time. For me, the memories that we are left with when we come home are not sharp, vivid or clear enough to sustain me. I am always being told that I am a visual person, and I suppose this is why I hanker to revisit lots of places over and over again, just to relive the ‘real’ visual experiences of the places. This always poses a problem when we are planning our travels! New or old? Photography helps, and so does Penny (my other half), who pushes me towards visiting new places as well as revisiting old ones … and I do love visiting new places! Is there anyone else out there with the same feeling?

I hope you have enjoyed our short visit to Lake Lucerne and the Titlis Range, and if you ever get the chance to visit the area, don’t stop to think about it, just go! Thanks for dropping by and if you have enjoyed your visit, why not sign up for e-mail notification of new posts being published! Hope to ‘see you’ again!



13 thoughts on “Lake Lucerne and the Titlis Range, Switzerland (Part 2)

  1. What a beautiful place and I can see why you want to go back! I feel the same way about some places…During holidays, we just don’t have enough time to see everything, or we just get a taste of what a great place it is….I understand how you feel….

    Visiting new places is fun as well…Isn’t it grand that there is so much to see out there in our world….

    • Hi Dorothy – Yeah! It sometimes drives me nuts! Haven’t been out of Europe yet, and there is so much still to see there because every country is different! I assume travelling between states must be similar for you? Thanks for dropping by, Dorothy!



  2. There is nothing like mountains to take your breath away. And it’s hard to try and retain that same feeling of majesty when you aren’t standing there but these are stunning images John, so beautiful. A little taste.

    • Hi Karen – Thanks for your comments! They are much appreciated! I studied oil painting as part of my degree and I was always in awe of those artists/students who could look at a scene, or anything else they were painting, and paint quite a bit of what they saw accurately, without looking back at what they were painting. I think most landscape artists now take photographs so they can work on them back in the studio! Oh, for a photographic visual memory!



    • Hi Xandre – You know, I would also like to visit so many places, that a world cruise is the only way I think I could at least part satisfy that wish! I’d need to win the lottery first though! Hmmm, maybe I’d better start buying a ticket? Thanks for the complement on the photos!

      See you, Xandre! (I’m getting fed up writing ‘Cheers’ after every response)


  3. Beautiful images, John. Brings back 20+ year old memories, though admittedly I was far too young to appreciate the beauty. I need to return again, but for now your images are a great snack to tide me over. Well shot.

    • Hey Jim! Thanks for visiting and for your smashing comments! Yeah! I also remember family travels positively, but the concentration was more on making young friends and having as much fun as possible. I would notice the scenery, and can still remember it, but it is much more vague than places I remember from around seventeen years old onwards!



  4. Those mountains are superb ! It must have been breathtaking to stand there and look at this beautiful scenery. Beautiful photos John !
    I have to see part 1 !

    • Thanks, Jocelyne, and believe me when I say that I have never seen anything like them – I was absolutely stunned! I used to think Scottish mountains were high but really they are only pimples on the landscape compared to the Swiss Alps!



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