The Island of Capri, Italy

It has finally started to snow here in Yorkshire, England! Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough yet to make a photography shoot worthwhile! So today, sitting in my warm study looking out at the cold and the flakes falling, I am taking you on a short trip to the magical Island of Capri, which lies off the West coast of Naples, Italy! Penny (my other half) and I, travelled to Capri for a visit following a very quick stop off in Sorrento. Capri is a small but stunningly beautiful island! If you do a Google search, you will find that the island is famous for different reasons, but the one that kept being mentioned while we were there, was the number of famous people who have visited Capri, or have chosen to live on the island. This ranges from Roman Emperors of the far past, to the English actress/singer, Gracie Fields, and Literary figure, Graham Greene, who both lived there in recent decades. We loved our visit to Capri and would have liked to stay longer. Maybe someday we will return for an extended stay! The photographs I am publishing in this post are from a trip around the island in a small motor launch. The last image is taken on the island itself and is a taster for a second post on Capri!

The Faraglione Rocks, Capri

Faraglione di Mezzo, the rock on the left of the photograph, has a natural tunnel that is famous around the world … and we had to sail through it holding the hands of our loved one – which was fun! 😉

Faraglione di Mezzo!

The south side of the Island of Capri was just littered with huge, expensive yachts, like the ones in the photograph below, and a myriad of smaller vessels, all anchored, with people sunning themselves on the decks! Many people would say it was a ‘Poser’s Paradise’!

Millionaire's Yachts near Faraglione Rocks off the coast of Capri!

Poser's Paradise!

Poser's Paradise (2)

The following photograph is not of posers, although some of you girls might think so! These lads and their little rowing boats are employed to row tourists from the town of Capri to the famous Blue Grotto! This tires the lads out and, as we were passing at home time, we gave them a tow back to port! It was a lot of laughs! 🙂

No, they are not the posers, ladies!

South side of Capri looking east to the mainland and the Amalfi Coast!

Faro di Punta Carena (Lighthouse)

Flowering trees and bushes are in abundance on Capri!

So there you have it, a little taste of Capri while the snow is gently falling outside my window!

I know that some of you will be wondering where ‘John’s Mega Award Ceremony’ post is? I did say that it would be my next post, but it is turning out to be a bit more problematic than I thought! I promise you that it is in production, but I do need to ask for a bit of help from the bloggers that I follow, and who tend to follow me! If you have less than 200 followers, would you please let me know, as I am having difficulty gathering this information from your blogs! I do need it for one of the awards! Thank you in advance for the info!

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15 thoughts on “The Island of Capri, Italy

  1. I remember a very old song that went, “it was on the isle of Capri that I met her”……… I don’t remember who sang it, maybe it was Perry Como……….:-)

    Great photos, John.

    • Sorry for the delay in responding, Bob! Our Broadband connection keeps going down for some unknown reason! Grrr!!! Ah, now! That song! A Google search brings up quite a few artists who have sung it, including Frank Sinatra, Fats Domino, Gracie Fields, Ray Noble and Al Bowlly to name but a few – I wouldn’t be surprised if Perry Como had sung it as well! Thanks for dropping by, Bob!



  2. These are beautiful photos, John! Loved the last two, especially. Light house and flowers are among my favorites. Very nice! 🙂

  3. Ahh, now I need a vacation from the cold and snow! Well at least I got a small visual one, thank you John! 🙂
    Capri looks fantastic! I’m a wee bit jealous I have to say.
    Enjoy the snow 😀


    • Ha! Ha! Thanks, Karen! Now, what would we do without you in the cold and snow taking those fantabulous sets of images? Nope! I think you are just going to have to wait until summer for your real vacation – glad I could provide a visual one!

      The snow vanished as quick as it came! I was working and got no shots at all! Now who’s jealous of who?

      Take care, Karen!


    • Thanks, Dorothy! It certainly seems to be a playground for the well off and the middle income people of the planet; those who just want to lie about, socialize and soak up the sun! Sometimes I wish I could be like them! Personally, I like to be on the go during holidays – just can’t sit still – want to see this, and that, and the next thing and although I enjoy that and soak up plenty of the environment, I sometimes envy the other ‘relaxed approach’ to holidays!

      Thanks for dropping by, Dorothy!


  4. Oh John…These are so beauuuutiful photos ! The rock with the tunnel reminded me of our Rocher Percé but not with the same shape. The colour of the water is so beautiful, a nice rich deep blue, and the last photo has me begging for more !
    Be prepared to receive many more awards, your photos are so beautiful !

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