Largs, Scotland – Part 1

Yippee! At long last I have my precious Mac back and can rejoin the blogging world! Five weeks of withdrawal symptoms including cold sweats, the shakes and typing on any surface I could get my fingers on (only kidding)! Anyway, I am very glad to be back and I thought I had better publish a post immediately, because we are just about to leave for a week’s holiday in our Motorhome! We are not going too far away – just to Largs on the Firth of Clyde, on the west coast of Scotland.

When I was a lad in the late 1950s, most families in Scotland still spent their holidays ‘in-country’ so to speak, and in Glasgow, only the wealthiest families owned a car! The rest of us had to pile onto buses or steam trains which took us the short distance down the Clyde Coast to places like Blackwaterfoot on the Isle of Arran, Rothsay, Ayr, Prestwick, Girvan and Largs. For children like myself, who only ever left the city for two weeks summer holiday each year, these places were like wonderland – sun, sea and sand – buckets and spades – new friends and lots of fun! I still love visiting when I can! One of our very favourite things to do when we are in Largs, and this time will be no exception, is to go down to the waterfront and buy hot, newly made, sugar ring doughnuts to die for! Yum! Yum! So, with the holiday in mind, I thought that you might like to see where we are going, so here are a few photographs from Largs! I hope you like them!

Looking to the North across Largs and the Firth of Clyde!

Nandini's Cafe - Famous for Ice Cream and the Art Deco building!

The ferry that runs from Largs to the Island of Cumbrae!

Largs Harbour - Most ferry services around Scotland are run by Cal-Mac (Caledonian MacBrayne)!

Over the last couple of weeks the weather in the UK has been gorgeous, with clear blue skies and continual sunshine! Poor Penny, my other half, has had to go to work while I enjoyed the garden and walking around Ripon! Ah, the advantages of early retirement! Unfortunately, the forecast for next week is cloud, rain and snow! I wonder if I will get many photographs? Who knows? No matter what, we will have a great time and have lots of fun, ’cause that’s what holidays are all about! Hope you liked the photographs! Thanks for visiting my blog!




15 thoughts on “Largs, Scotland – Part 1

  1. Yes, I certainly liked the photographs. It looks like a place to have a wonderful time. So get after it, John, and you can tell us more when you get back.

    BTW, welcome back, we missed you. 🙂

    • Hi Jim – Thanks for dropping by and having a look at my post! Don’t know why I called it Nandinis – only realised too late! Had a look at your ‘cracker’ of a site! Will keep popping by to see what you are doing!



  2. Oddly enough, despite going to the south west of Scotland practically every year of my life, I’ve never been to Largs! This is obviously something I must remedy. I hope the great weather continues for your holiday and you get lots of lovely pics.

    • Hi Lorna – Most places we visit we are like you – where is the best tea shop but for some reason we have never been to one in Largs before! We tend to have yummy, freshly made doughnuts from a stall down by the water! It’s not the same as a ‘character’ tearoom but they are to die for! If you find one there when you visit, let me know! Unfortunately, the fantastic weather didn’t continue, as I am sure you now know! Enjoyed our visit all the same! Got lots of photographs – need to publish more posts now!



      • I’m glad the weather didn’t deter you and you still enjoyed your holiday. You’ve set me a challenge: to find a nice tearoom in Largs! The doughnuts sound great, thanks for the tip.

  3. John!!! 😀 Oh my, I’m sooooo glad you got you mac back!!! Have been missing your posts!!! 🙂 This place looks awesome!!! I hope you enjoy your holiday & come back with some great photos to share!!! Keep well!!! 🙂 **

    • Hi Xandre – My goodness, it is good to hear from you and I look forward to catching up with you and your awesome posts! Really enjoyed the holiday even though it was absolutely freezing, with a bitingly cold wind and even some snow – at Easter and after a fortnight of gorgeous weather! Yes, I took 300+ photographs!!! Tried out some B/W shots because the weather was not suitable on most days for colour – the cloudy, grey skies would have been washed out! Anyway, see what you think when you have a look at the Glasgow, Scotland – (Part 2) post I have just published! Hear from you soon!



    • Thanks, Zelmare! The shakes of withdrawal caused by my Mac being away for repair are finally gone 😉 now that it is back and we have had a great week away, back in Scotland, the home country! Even though on most days the weather was foul, I got lots of photos! Will catch up with your posts shortly!



    • Thanks, Karen – We had a great time in Scotland, even though the weather left a lot to be desired, and I took 300+ shots; a mixture of colour and B/W! Hope you like the ones I publish! Will catch up with you and your posts during this week!



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