Venice, Italy – Part 3

Around every corner in the delightful, enchanting and unique city of Venice, there are a huge selection of photographs just waiting to be taken! It is a really nice problem to be saddled with, because usually with me, it is the other way around – I just can’t get a shot from the right position, or the light is not right, or there are too many obstruction, or masses of people. Not that there is anything at all wrong with having people in your shots!

For lovers of Venice, here is my third selection of photographs of this incredible island city! I hope you like them:

The famous Rialto Bridge in Venice!

Walking across the bridge from right to left takes you to Venice market, which is a very interesting place to visit. Walking from left to right takes you to the main tourist sights in the city.

Restaurants and Homes on the banks of the Grand Canal!

In addition to palaces and other fine buildings, there are lots of restaurants with apartment buildings above and hotels.

Everywhere you turn there is something superb to be seen and photographed!

Yep, it doesn’t matter where you go in Venice or the other islands of the Venetian Lagoon, there are photographs to be taken!

Grand Canal and Santa Maria della Salute Church!

The posts sticking up out of the water are for gondola parking. They are tied up between the posts!

The last three images for this post were deliberately taken to make a display set. They are of the famous Campanile, which is found in St Mark’s Square!

Campanile Set - Top Photograph!

Campanile Set - Middle Photograph!

Campanile Set - Bottom Photograph!

I hope you liked the set! As I said in my last post, I have been experimenting with image size for display in my blog, and this is the first trial. What do you think? Comments welcome, please!

I have also been concerned about my last few posts, because I felt that the reduced size images were rough and sometimes blurry looking, whereas the original full sized photographs are not. I finally found out why this was the case and have rectified the problem! Unfortunately, I can’t go back and fix the previous posts, so occasionally I may slip one of these images into other themed posts. If you would like to see my previous two posts on Venice just click on the links Venice,Italy and Venice, Italy – Another Visit. You can also get there, and to the other places I have published, by having a look through the archives to the right of this post.

If you would like to send free e-cards to your relatives or friends, my personal website shop has this facility through Photomoto! You can link to my website at the top right of this post!

I hope you have enjoyed visiting Venice and please drop by again!



19 thoughts on “Venice, Italy – Part 3

    • Thanks, Bob! I haven’t forgotten you! It has been a bit of a disaster recently, with me being unwell before Christmas, my Mac being out of action for so long, and now my elderly mother, who lives with us in a granny annex, has gone significantly downhill with dementia, and needs round the clock care! So my time is pretty much taken up! We have now been allocated a couple of nurses who come in morning and evening for her, and that started yesterday, so yesterday has been the first day in a while when I have been able to sit down and do some posting! I have 169 e-mail notifications of posts to read, many of which are yours my friend! I will get to them just as I did in January!



  1. Oooh John! This is not helping the student budget – another place I want to go to! haha! Beautiful shots the one of “Grand Canal and Santa Maria della Salute Church” – is divine! The poles in the foreground lead your eye up to the church – brilliant again! 😀

    • Aw, shucks! Thanks Becky! You could always get a European Rail Pass and go hostelling around Europe on the cheap! Jonathan and some of his male and female friends did that! There is always a gap year! Think positive! Hope you’ve also seen my other Venice posts!



      • Ohhh! Tempting! Now to grab some friends who actually want to go and see places, as opposed to fry in the sun *rolls Eyes* I have seen them, lovely!

  2. Thanks, Jocelyne! I like them this size too! So that is how they will remain from now on! I have lots of post notifications to still catch up on, and I will get to yours in due course! Looking forward to seeing your photographic and artistic skills in action! If you read my reply to Bob Zeller on this post, you will understand why I have not been around much lately, in both posting and following friends blogs! It will save me explaining it all again!



    • I’m so sorry for you mother John, these are such difficult times for you, your mother and your family. Now that she have nurses I hope you can get some rest a little. 169 posts are a lot of posts to catch up with, please don’t feel obligated to look at mines or comment, just skip them ! That’s why I don’t tend to follow too many people, I know I would want to see all the posts and I would go crazy trying to see them all !

      • Thanks, Jocelyne! It’s not so bad because it hasn’t been a long decline. She took her first memory dip in November and again two weeks ago. The help is helpful (Hmm, that’s a daft comment)! I wouldn’t miss going back to see your posts, Jocelyne! I enjoy doing it and like to keep up with the friends I have made in the blogging world!

        Thanks for your kind words!


  3. Wow John!!! The first photo is stunning!!! Love the bright colours, composition and character!!! Venice looks wonderful… the building look full of culture and character!!! Just gorgeous!!! 🙂 **

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