Glasgow, Scotland – Part 3

Sorry folks, but you are going to have to suffer another Glasgow post! The reason for this is that, and I have to admit it, I am a colourholic! In my last post I said that I had shot in B/W with a red filter because of the washed out, grey sky. Well, as hopefully you have already seen, I did shoot in B/W but, and I hate to admit it, I couldn’t stop myself from doing some colour shooting as well! So, before we have some posts of sunnier places, here we go! Oh, and the skies didn’t turn out as bad as I though they might! At least I don’t think so! Hmmm?

Ok! Now first, lets see what you prefer, B/W or colour? Answers in a comment please!

This B/W shot is looking east towards Glasgow City Centre!

A similar view but in Colour! Which do you like best?

…and now having got that out of the way, here are the rest of the colour shots!

Colour shot of the 'Armadillo' on the left and the Science Museum on the right!

As the photographs were taken at the same time as the ones in Glasgow, Scotland (Part 2), you can see the paddle steamer ‘Waverley’ sitting at the dock in front of the Science Museum! It is actually quite a large ship but it is amazing how small it looks against the buildings.

Looking west down the River Clyde to one of the few remaining shipyards!

This area of the river was lined on either side with warehouses, cranes and cargo ships from all over the world when I was a boy, and I lived just behind the new buildings on the north bank (right) of this photograph. We moved further inland to a town called Cumbernauld when I was 12 years old, and the changes that have taken place in Glasgow from then until now, in my 60th year, have been immense! Glasgow was still our closest city and we visited often because most of our friends and relatives lived there. 

One of the remaining shipyards on the River Clyde!

There is something about cranes that I really like and I keep being drawn to them. I am not sure whether it is me being sentimental, or because boys seem to gravitate towards these structures through toys such as Meccano building sets?

Close up of some of the Cranes still working on the River Clyde!

Looking further over towards the north side of the river is Partick and Whiteinch where I was brought up!

If you look closely, you will see five older multi-storey buildings just to the right of the new ones next to the river. There is a little tower in front of the centre building of the five, and the building just to the right of that tower is the Primary School I attended in the late 1950s! You may not be able to see it because of the size of the image I have posted, but it gives you an idea of where I originally came from! Visiting and taking photographs gives me a lot of satisfaction because I can see just how far I have come in my life! My father was not one to give praise! If you did something wrong you were belted and shouted at. If you did something right, you might be lucky if you got a grunt. Most of the men in Glasgow who lived in the docks area were quite hard men and they lived their lives and dealt with their families in that same hard way! I had to wait until I became the Headteacher (Principal) of a school before he suddenly one day said, “Son, I’m really proud of you!” It was the only time he ever said it to me, but it let me know how he really felt about me inside that hard shell!

Photograph of the new housing on the north banks of the River Clyde looking west!

Closer view of the new Housing on the north bank of the River Clyde!

I have recently noticed that many bloggers post larger photographs in their posts than I do! The only reason that people post small versions of their photographs is because of the associated copyright issue. I have always posted this size because I do have a website which is linked to Photomoto, the secure online shop who produce a range of prints, canvas, cards, posters, hi-res downloads etc. on behalf of photographers, graphic designers etc. direct to customers homes. I am going to experiment to see if I can find the optimum size for internet photograph publication, where anyone who does copy images from this blog, can do so without loss of potential sales of high resolution images through my site.

If anyone would like to send free e-cards of the photographs on my website to any of their friends, family etc. there is a facility on my site, through Photomoto, to do so! Just click on the link below each large photograph in Portfolio and feel free to use this facility at your leisure! Any problems, or if you would like me to add any photographs published in my posts but not yet on my website, just ask via a comment! You can access my website by clicking on the link at the top of the panel on the right hand side of this post.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I think we might visit Venice again next time, just for a change! See you next time!




15 thoughts on “Glasgow, Scotland – Part 3

    • Hi Zelmare – Thanks for dropping by and I prefer the colour shots too! The sky in the third shot came out really well – lots of detail in it. If you have managed to look at my ‘More Venice, Please!’ post you will read that I have had an issue with downsizing sharp images for use on the blog, and them turning out a smaller size but looking a little fuzzy. This post is one that has suffered from that symptom. I have now managed to find out why, so in the two posts I have published after this one, the photographs are back to nice and sharp!

      Scotland is a lovely country but you would have to buy lots of ‘winter woolies’ because the climate is very different from South Africa! Of course lots of people come to Scotland precisely because it is a change to have cool, wet weather! I think you would love it!



      • Ah yes…rainy, cold weather! Lovely! 🙂 I’m 100% sure that I’ll love the place. Can’t wait to get there, but it seems any money I might have for travelling in the next while, will take me to Canada… 😉

  1. Hi John, I think the colour one is better. Some of the tones in the monochrome image are very similar. To increase the contrast, a bit of adjustment of the colour sliders in photoshop would help to separate the tones by darkening/lightening them.
    I particularly like the 3 cranes in “portrait” mode … nice composition.

    I guess you visited the new transport museum, from the views on your images? What did you think of it compared with the previous one?

    My wife and I love Venice, so I would choose Venice again for a holiday.(as you will see from my last post)

    • Hi Jim, Thanks for that! I think I also like the colour better! However, I will have a go at what you have suggested and see what the outcome is! That is exactly the type of help with B/W I was hoping for! Thanks!



  2. Black and white in my opinion. You know what, I think the cranes would look brilliant in black and white too, but that’s just my opinion. Great stuff again John!

  3. Hi John!!! I like the colour more too!!! & am (and always have been) fascinated with cranes – any type!!!! It is awesome structures!!! I would love to visit Scotland one day!!! You know by now that my list of places to visit is endless…. sadly!!! But someday I’ll love to do a Ireland, Wales, Scotland tour!!! 🙂 **

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