What? John doing Flowers?

I am on a roll today, and with two posts published, this one makes a ‘hat trick’! I could also say ‘And now for something completely different’ for those Monty Python buffs out there, because this post is based on a few flower photographs! No, they are not my usual ‘thing’ but every now and then I have a go at something else – and these are some of the results! I hope you like them!

This first shot was taken while wandering through the centre of Berne. We had been to photograph their famous clock and were wandering down one of their lovely streets and just happened to spot this flower head and leaf popping out of the shade. I didn’t know how it would come out, and was really pleased when I saw the outcome.

Photograph taken in Berne, Switzerland!

This next photograph was taken in our conservatory. Penny, my other half, likes to have flowers around the house, and the light was just right for a couple of shots. I like this one the best.

Yellow Roses in Sunlight!

The last three images were experiments with a daylight lamp, the camera on a tripod and a black background. A totally amateur set-up! The first shot was a straightforward flower head, and in the latter two, I tried shooting the type of image that you might find in a book advertisement.

Trial Book Publicity Photograph!

Trial Book Publicity Photograph!

All credit goes to James Herbert, who is one of my favourite authors. The book cover design is superb and the book itself is brilliant and worth a good read!

So, there we go! A little sojourn into another genre of photography! I hope you liked my photographs, thank you for visiting and please come and see me again!




17 thoughts on “What? John doing Flowers?

    • Hmm! Is that what it is, Karen? Personally, if it is not a rose, I am useless at flowers! I know the colours and shapes but naming them is impossible. Funny, I have the same problem with some trees! Yes, it was fun! I did it because I was bored one evening and might have another go with something different! Thanks, Karen!



    • Thank you, Becky! Just a little diversion from my usual stuff! However, the last three shots just show you that you don’t necessarily need loads of expensive lighting kit to take half decent indoor lit photographs!



  1. Oh my…. I love love love love looooooove these ! Your experiments turned out so well, they are amazing ! I love the bookcover it’s beautiful. In the first photo I like the flower and leaf, it’s as if they’re floating in the air and the light on the flower is beautiful, as of the light on the roses and book too, beautiful.
    You are such a talented photographer. I visited your website the other day and looked at many of your photos, it was great !

    • If I had high blood pressure, I am sure my face would have gone bright red by now, Jocelyne! Thank you for such overwhelming praise! Thank you also for visiting my website! Did it work ok, and how did it look on your computer/laptop? Did you try sending a free photo e-card to a friend?



      • Hee ! Hee! I almost made you blush, how funny ! Your website worked just fine, no problems at all. The photos looked very nice and clear and the uploading was fast between each photo. Oh, I’ll have to check the e-card, I didn’t noticed ! I’m going right away !

    • He is actually a writer of upmarket horror novels, Dorothy! He has written other books such as this one and ‘Fluke’ which are very different from his normal genre! Thank you for liking my flower photographs!



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