Montreaux, Switzerland

I have been lucky enough to travel all over Switzerland, and one of the most beautiful places I have visited is Montreaux, on Lake Geneva. My favourite rock band of all time, Queen, recorded their last album, ‘Made in Heaven’, in Montreaux. The town had been Freddie Mercury’s adopted home for a number of years and he loved it dearly for its beauty, peace and tranquility. Montreaux also took Freddie under its wing and following his untimely death, erected a statue dedicated to his memory. The statue is to be found at the edge of the water, on the promenade, looking over the lake!

I have been lucky enough to see Queen perform live, and was with Penny, my other half, at Ingleston Showground in Edinburgh, crammed in right at the front of the stage for the performance! It was magic! Having been a fan since I was 18 years old, I couldn’t visit Montreaux without seeing the statue. It is absolutely amazing and people are still leaving flowers and messages to this day! I have included a photograph of the statue. It is posed in the same way as Freddie appears on the cover of the ‘Made in Heaven’ album. I hope you like it and the other photographs in the post:

The statue of Freddie Mercury of Queen in Montreaux, Switzerland!

The next three photographs show the famous ‘Chateau de Chillon’ castle with one of the beautiful paddle steamers that ply the waters around Lake Geneva:

Chateau de Chillon Castle and Lake Geneva Paddle Steamer!

Close up Photograph of Chateau de Chillon, Montreaux and Paddle Steamer!

Paddle Steamer approaching Dock at Chateau de Chillon!

The last photograph looks across to the south bank of  and Lake Geneva and the French Alps.

The French Alps from Montreaux!

Montreaux is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Switzerland!

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14 thoughts on “Montreaux, Switzerland

  1. Beautiful! I’ve been to Geneva, but I was a little too small to remember, sadly. Would love to go again….oh, and envious of the queen concert! That must have been amazing!

    • Thanks, Becky! The concert was the best I have ever attended. We were right at the stage front looking right up at Freddie! The music was fab, the atmosphere was electric, and a great night was had by all!



    • Yes, Dorothy, it is! They also have lovely little self-service restaurants, across the street from the promenade, where the range of fresh salads and fruits to choose from is huge, and your hot food is cooked in front of you! Yummy! There is also something special about the pastry in their fresh strawberry flans and tarts in Switzerland that just make them ‘to die for’! Now why have I gone on to food? I know, it’s dinner time! Yippee!



  2. This is sooooo cool John!!! I have loved Queen (&Freddie Mercury) since I was a very little girl!!! I have always wished that I could have had the opportunity to see him live!!! Oh well….. one of those ‘born-at-the-wrong-time’ kind of things…. most people from my generation remember Diana’s death a significant – I do too, but more so the death of Freddie Mercury!!!! What a legend!!! Love the last photo btw!! 🙂 **

    • Thanks, Xandre! It was amazing just how Diana’s death hit the nation! We were all devastated – us included! It was such a shock! It felt as though a family member had been lost! When John Lennon was killed and George Harrison died of cancer, these were also shocking because they were our idols, but in a different way. That was more an ‘end of an era’ feeling. Now, on to more pleasant items! I hope you are going to tell us about your visit to Canada and did you meet any blog friends while you were there?



  3. What stunning photos! And I’ve been a huge Queen fan since their album ‘A Night at the Opera” came out. We had tickets to go and see them at Sun City, but they cancelled our show because of his voice needing a rest. We tried to sneak into another show with out tickets, but they threw as out after one and a half song! Bummer! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness! I have often heard of Sun City in relation to rock groups and entertainers but never seen it in pictures! What is it like? I really sympathise with you missing seeing Queen! The same happened to us last year with Status Quo (Do you know them?)! We had tickets, and arrived at the International Centre in Harrogate to find that Francis Rossi (Lead Singer) was ill! We were offered other tickets but couldn’t go because of other commitments!!! Yep, Bummer! 😉

    • Thanks, Todd! Sent an e-mail to the address you gave me! Haven’t received a reply yet. If he takes as long as I have taken, it will be Christmas before I hear from him! Ha! Ha! Haven’t been blogging recently because my mum has very suddenly developed severe dementia and I have been doing the 24 hour care thing! She is in hospital at the moment and it doesn’t look as if she will come back to our house so I am enjoying the freedom once again! Thanks again Todd!



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