Choo Choo Trains!

Here we are again with another weird diversion from my normal posts! I was reducing some railway photograph file sizes and converting them to jpegs to add to my website, ‘John Stirling Photography’, when I thought I might as well publish them in a post at the same time. The size on my website is larger than on WordPress, so it has meant a double reduction from the original file size.

I took these shots at Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway, near Skipton in North Yorkshire a couple of years ago, on a very enjoyable visit with my young nephew, Luke! Having children around is a good excuse to keep visiting! I have been on steam trains as a child, as a parent, as an uncle, and hopefully will have another chance as a grandparent, and maybe even great grandparent if I am lucky enough – but don’t start too soon, please, Jonathan and Russ!

Now, this is not my forte, so I admit myself that they are not very good! In fact, when matched against some of the most skilled railway photographers, they are absolute rubbish! I have included 4 B/W ‘snaps’ of the trains themselves and two colour images of Embsay Station so that you don’t have to suffer too much:

Steam Engine approaching Bolton Abbey Station!

Steam Engine and Coach Link Detail!

Railway Coach Detail!

Steam Engine Wheel Detail!

Embsay Station is a lovely, typically English, Victorian railway station built in 1888. It still retains it’s original charm as you can see in these two photographs:

The Late Victorian Embsay Railway Station!

I also love the holiday advertising posters that the railways used to publish, and I have thought about becoming a collector because they are real artworks in themselves. Original railway posters, in excellent condition, can now command very good prices at auction. You can see an example in this next photograph:

Typical Victorian and Early 20th Century railway Poster At Embsay!

I am not a railway enthusiast, and my real passion in photography is for landscape and city images. However, just once in a while, it is fun to have a go at something else!

Thank you for looking in on my blog! I hope you have enjoyed it, even with the average train photographs! I hope you visit again!




16 thoughts on “Choo Choo Trains!

  1. John

    The black and white series here is amazing. Exhibit’s should welcome these with open arms. You even capture the detail and ‘grit’ of the historic and running trains. Railway shots are always dramatic in nature and you are still alive today – not getting run over on the tracks! John, a great series!


    • Xandre, I have been quite taken aback that some of you really like them! I was a bit worried about posting them because I thought there might not be any interest! Just goes to show that everyone likes different things! Just as well, I suppose! Ok! Did you see any mountains in Canada? More importantly, if you did, did you photograph them?



    • Thanks, Zelmare! I remember going to St Enoch’s Station in Glasgow when I was a boy, going on holiday to the Isle of Arran for the summer! The noise, the smell, the steam and filthy smoke coming from the steam locomotives was quite overwhelming, particularly in the enclosed station building, but the majesty, the size and the power was incredible! That linked with going on holiday and the excitement of the whole thing makes it one of my favourite memories!



      • I also remember vaguely, going on my first holiday to the seaside with my mom. We traveled by train – it was terribly exciting! 🙂

  2. Rubbish ? I don’t see rubbish, I see beautiful photos ! My favorites are the first one and the wheel.

  3. Nice topic…
    There is a lot of steam and hard metals in the shots. A rare combination.
    And the last two shots are beautiful—good framing!

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