Largs, Scotland (Part 2)

This is my second post showing you photographs of Largs, which is a seaside holiday town on the west coast of Scotland, approximately 20 miles south west of the City of Glasgow. During my childhood, when foreign travel was out of the reaches of most Glaswegians, I went to various ‘Clyde Riviera’ seaside towns for my holidays, with my younger sister and parents. In those days, we used to have to be drawn out of school, because my dad was forced to have his summer holiday at a fixed time, which was the second fortnight in June! Luckily, the weather was particularly good over these years and we were almost guaranteed warm weather and some sunshine – unlike today! We used to get a taxi from our flat in Glasgow to St Enoch’s Station, board a dirty and noisy old steam train, and take the ‘are we there yet, are we there yet’ journey to Wemyss Bay, Prestwick or Ayr. It was like entering another world! Largs hasn’t changed much since then, but nowadays it seems to be more of a retirement location for the older generation, like Brighton is in England. Anyway, here are some different photographs of Largs, taken a couple of weeks ago, on the one and only sunny, but very cold and blowy, day that we had in our week’s holiday in Scotland!

A View of Largs taken from the Pier!

Largs - the Main Road through the Town - The Firth of Clyde directly ahead!

The view North from Largs Beach - The town on the background land is Rothsay! You need to take the ferry from Wemyss Bay to get there!

The Largs Ferry on its way from Great Cumbrae Island to Largs!

I find ferries absolutely fascinating and I have taken quite a few photographs of various types while on my travels. Maybe that is an idea for a future post! Please click on the link if you would like to have a look at the first ‘Largs, Scotland‘ post.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you will stay a while and have a look at my previous posts, which have narrative and photographs covering places from Venice, Italy to Glencoe, Scotland!



5 thoughts on “Largs, Scotland (Part 2)

    • Hi Xandre – Yes, it is quite a small place, but the hot, fresh sugar do’nuts are fantastic. We buy them in the blue unit with the canopy to the right of the first photograph! We actually sat outside to eat them in the freezing cold this time! You haven’t come back to me about the Canada trip yet, Xandre! Am just going to look at your first post back home to see if you have put anything in that! Glad to have you back! 🙂



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