Forth Bridges, Scotland

The beautiful Forth Rail and Road Bridges span the River Forth, to the north of Edinburgh, the Capital City of Scotland. They are among the most famous bridges in the world. When I started teaching in Dunfermline, Fife, we lived in the very small town of Kinross, which lies on the banks of Loch Leven. It was a gorgeous place to live and because we were only 15 miles (approximately 24 Km) from Edinburgh, we often travelled across both the road and rail bridges to visit the theatre, concerts, art galleries and to go shopping. I have taken many photographs of the bridges over the years, but most of them are on 35mm film, somewhere in my mountain of filmstrips, still to be relocated and scanned! The following photographs are a mix of shots taken with my old Canon EOS 10D and scanned film. I hope you like them!

The Forth Rail Bridge (Cantilever Design) - Completed 4th March 1880!

Forth Rail Bridge Detail!

Forth Rail Bridge behind North Queensferry Houses!

Forth Road Bridge (Suspension Design) - Completed 4th September, 1964!

Forth Road Bridge - Early Winter's Morning!

Although you cannot tell from this set of photographs, the bridges lie side by side between the riverside villages of North and South Queensferry. The Forth Rail Bridge, completed in 1880, is still fully operational to this day, and still has a long future in front of it. The Forth Road Bridge has not been so lucky, and is under such stress because of the gradual increase in road traffic in this country, that the foundations for a new, third, Forth Bridge are being excavated as I write this post!

I hope you like the photographs of the Forth Bridges and thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you will visit again!



18 thoughts on “Forth Bridges, Scotland

  1. John

    All of these are gorgeous. How massive this span of bridge is, and the precious cargo it holds and protects. I hope it’s well maintained for sure!


  2. I love these bridges, having crossed them both many times. I lived in Dunfermline for a while and commuted on the train across the rail bridge to work in Edinburgh. I always looked forward to the crossing, even though I did it 10 times a week! I’m looking forward to seeing the design of bridge no.3.

    • Thanks, Lorna – I worked at McLean Primary School for 4 years and lived in Kinross. Penny’s parents still live in Kingseat, so we are up there quite often! Yes, I have seen the pile drivers at work in the river but no plans as yet!



  3. I love bridges, their structures and designs and I have no preferences over the old or new ones, they are all beautiful. I enjoy crossing these giants and I’m not afraid of heights ! Last summer I crossed the Brooklyn bridge on foot and it was magical !
    Beautiful shots John, I would love to see these bridges for real !

  4. Hi John, these bridge images are really beautiful!
    Lovely compositions and light. I’m not sure how I missed these? I just subscribed to email updates again, so hopefully I will get your notifications.

    Hope all is well! Cheers, Karen

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