Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau Mountains, Switzerland – Part 1

If you have viewed my previous posts you will know that I love Switzerland and that I have been there a number of times! Unfortunately, on our run up to Christmas this year, we have had more rain than we can handle, along with a few foggy and freezing days, but no snow! I love to see snow at this time of the year and when there isn’t any, I revert to my ‘photo bank’ to find some!

The photographs in this post are from a visit to Central Switzerland and the very famous Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau Mountains! We were based in Interlaken and on a very clear day ‘climbed’ 11,333 ft above sea level to visit the ‘Sphinx’ Scientific Observatory, which lies on a clifftop between the Monch and Jungfrau peaks. If you ever visit this area of Switzerland, it is a railway journey and experience not to be missed! You can travel to the Sphinx by train from Interlaken, changing at Grindelwald and Kleine Scheidegg, journeying through the north face of the Eiger and upwards to Jungfraujoch Station where you take a high speed lift to the Sphinx! I hope you like the photographs?

North Face of the Eiger from Kleine Schiedegg

North Face of the Eiger from Kleine Schiedegg

Kleine Schiedegg is where you change trains for the second time and begin the final ascent to the Eiger Tunnel!

Train winding its way towards the Eiger Tunnel. The Jungfrau Mountain is in the background!

Train winding its way towards the Eiger Tunnel. The Jungfrau Mountain is in the background!

In this photograph, the train can be seen moving directly towards the Jungfrau before turning to the left and heading into the Eiger Tunnel! When you enter the Eiger itself, the train stops at two stations where you can dismount for a few minutes and look out of viewing ‘windows’ cut into the surface of the mountain. This photograph was taken looking out of the North Face of the Eiger itself, with Grindelwald laid out below us!

Grindelwald from a viewing 'window' in the North Face of the Eiger!

Grindelwald from a viewing ‘window’ in the North Face of the Eiger!

When the train finally arrives at Jungfraujoch Station, a high speed lift takes you straight up to the ‘Sphinx’ Science Station and Observatory. In this photograph, you can see the ‘Sphinx’ sitting on top of the cliff that runs between the peaks of the Monch and the Jungfrau. The other lower structure, which is built into the mountain, houses the train station, ice attractions, shops and restaurants. From the restaurant you can look right down the length of the Great Alelsah Glacier (Look out for Part 2)

The 'Sphinx' Observatory on top of the cliff between the peaks of the Monch and Jungfrau!

The ‘Sphinx’ Observatory on top of the cliff between the peaks of the Monch and Jungfrau!

This photograph looking North from the viewing platform on the ‘Sphinx’ looks directly down onto Kleine Schiedegg, with its branching railway lines and pathways, and through the mountain valley to the town of Interlaken. What a view!


Looking North from the Sphinx down to Kleine Schiedegg and in the distance towards Interlaken!

From the lower structure you can walk out onto the Jungfrau Mountain itself…

Swiss flags are everywhere, even on top of mountains!

Swiss flags are everywhere, even on top of mountains!

… watching out for crevasses of course..

The top of the Jungfrau!

The top of the Jungfrau!

… and take photographs of the top of the Jungfrau Mountain! A stunning visit and a stunning experience!

Hope to ‘see’ you again for Part 2! Thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to stay a while and browse through some of my other photographic posts!



14 thoughts on “Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau Mountains, Switzerland – Part 1

  1. John, I am so glad you’re back ! I’m so sorry to hear about your mother’s dementia, it is so sad. I remembered you mentioned your mother’s problems in an earlier post and I thought it might be the reason why you were absent from your blog. I’m glad to hear that you find her a new home where they can take good care of her. I hope you are now feeling better and will get back to your life and enjoy your family and realize the projects that are important to you.
    I will come back to comment on this post, the photos looks fantastic !
    Welcome back John !

    • Hi Jocelyne – I am also very glad to find myself back in ‘Blogland’ and “C’est la vie” as regards my absence! That is life! It has made what should have been a more upbeat post rather depressing, so in a week or so I will remove my comment about my absence and alter the beginning of the post itself! Looking forward to catching up with what you have been doing!

      Thanks, Jocelyne!

      Take care!


  2. Nice to see and hear from you again. God bless you and your family. How nice of you to try and help your Mom and find a place where she can get the care she needs. It is going to be OK…You tried and are trying your best. Your Mom is very lucky to have you as her son. Be well and keep on posting those beautiful photographs so the rest of us can see the beauty!

    • Hi Dorothy – Thank you for your kind comments! Our family doctor, mum’s allocated Care Manager, and the Care Workers who came morning and night were superb in their support and in assessing and accessing the help that mum needed. We too often hear negative media comments about Social Care and their staff! Our experience was the exact opposite right down to the fantastic Care Home staff who now look after mum! We can visit mum anytime, day or night, seven days a week without restriction! Hopefully, I will be getting back to actually taking photographs shortly (haven’t taken any since I stopped blogging)! I look forward to seeing what you have been up to in the last 9 months!

      Thanks, Dorothy!



    • Hey Bob! Thanks for coming back so quickly and nice to hear from you! Everyone has personal issues from time to time to deal with and from what I hear you have had some yourself in the recent past. Hope you are ok and mended? Will catch up with you and your blog shortly!



  3. Hi John,
    How very nice to see a post from you in my inbox! I’m glad to hear you are on the mend and that things are coming together, even if slowly. I wish you a relaxing and joyful holiday season ( and hopefully with some snow!).

    Your images are beautiful – “what a view”is right! We have a bit of fresh snow but it’s been coming sparingly.

    Best wishes and take good care,

    • Hi Karen – So good to hear from you and thanks for your kind words! I am just about mended – back to my jolly self but still got some stress induced pain that is very gradually going away! I actually thought your area of the world would be well covered in snow by now. Strange things happening to the worlds weather! This country has had so much rain over the summer and right up to today that the ground is totally saturated and flooding is far too common. Luckily for us, we are quite high up and haven’t been affected but some areas of Ripon have been under water! Looking forward to catching up on your work, Karen! By the way, how is it going – any exhibitions, books etc. yet?



  4. Welcome back, John. I hope your photography can play a part in lifting your spirits. I know it is something that I look forward to tremendously, a little bit of ‘me’ time.

  5. How beautiful ! The view is stunning. One must not be afraid of heights to make that trip ! It is surely a wonderful experience you’ll never forget. The photos are very beautiful !

    • Hi Jocelyne – I just want to be there all the time because it is so stunning! Penny is afraid of heights but she has made all the trips we have made to the top of mountains. She likes the achievement part but not when she is up there. She doesn’t look out at the view unless she is sitting down surrounded by four walls! Thanks, Jocelyne!



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