Aberaeron, Wales

A Good New Year to everyone and I hope 2013 is everything you wish it to be! It is certainly going to be full of change for us, because Penny (my other half) is joining me in early retirement in July of this year, and we have decided to sell our home in England and move back home to Scotland! This post, however, does not include any photographs of anywhere in Scotland, but is of the lovely little town of Aberaeron which lies on the west coast of Wales, between the larger towns of Aberystwyth to the north and Cardigan to the south. It is well known for its colourful houses, and is a popular place for summer holidays. Penny and I have only visited Aberaeron once, and that was during the winter, but we really enjoyed our short visit! It was nice and quiet and peaceful and we will definitely be going back in our motorhome, between holidays abroad, when we are retired! Yippee! I hope you like the photographs!

Aberaeron Harbour Mouth looking west.

Aberaeron Harbour Mouth looking west.


The old harbour master’s house on the north side of Aberaeron Harbour.


This hotel was formerly the harbour master’s home and was later a whaler’s inn. It dates back to 1811.


The south side of Aberaeron Harbour.


The very old colourful terraced houses are stunning and kept beautifully!


The coloured houses leave me speechless!


I wonder if they colour match?


I love the little fishing boats against the colourful houses in the background!


Red house and red car – just saw it and took the photograph!

I find it funny how my familiarity with UK locations colours my judgement in terms of whether to post photographs of places in this country or not. I love UK locations and I hope my photographs are of acceptable quality, but because I am so familiar with the UK landscape, to me their content is very much ‘run of the mill’ and I feel that others may find them uninteresting and boring! I suppose it is because places abroad such as in Europe and the wider world are much more exciting and appealing because they are so different and unusual from the places at home? In the end, I suppose that if I appreciate the ‘abroad’ factor in others photographs, then visitors who live in other countries who look upon the UK as ‘abroad’ may find my UK photographs interesting, appealing and anything but boring! I have therefore decided that this is how I am going to look at things in the future and publish lots of photographs of my favourite places in the UK!

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you like Aberaeron in Wales, UK! Feel free to hang about and investigate some of my other posts and if after that you would like e-mail notification of new posts then sign up with your e-mail address in the column on the right!




4 thoughts on “Aberaeron, Wales

    • Penny retires in August of this year, Karen, so we still have a bit to go before we can move! We also have to sell our current house, which is far to large now that the family have all moved out! The financial climate in Europe is not good at the moment and houses are not selling at all well. We are not bothered though and will sell and move as soon as it sells, however long that might take!



  1. Happy retirement! It is hard to know what to do when we retire but it sounds like you know what you want…Good for you….We are still trying to figure it all out. ha…It takes time…Best wishes to you and yours….I wonder what color you house will be?

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