Tall Ships – Edinburgh, Scotland 1995 – Part 1

Can’t quite believe this event was nearly 18 years ago!!! I was looking through some of my old 35mm film and came across some negatives from a visit to the Tall Ships at Leith Docks, Edinburgh in July 1995! I thought I would start scanning them into my Mac and have chosen some of the first ones for this post. It was a ‘magic’ visit and we managed to board the largest of the ships (the first two photographs), the Russian vessel Kruzenshtern, at 376ft long!!! Hope you like the photographs!

Mast shot with 1995 flag

Mast shot with 1995 Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race flag!

We were able to go onboard this Russian vessel

We were able to go onboard this Russian vessel, the Kruzenshtern (376ft)




Just something a bit different for this post! Hope you liked them! More to come in future posts! See you soon!




6 thoughts on “Tall Ships – Edinburgh, Scotland 1995 – Part 1

    • Hi Xandre – Well, sometimes I like to pop in something a bit different! The visit to the Tall Ships was fantabulous; one of these occasions that you do as a ‘once only’ and impresses you so much that you never forget it! Hope Canada is living up to expectations and you are now settled into your own place! I notice you are taking lots of Instagram photos these days instead of blogging as much! Will have to sign up so I can click ‘like’ and leave comments, if you don’t mind me doing so?

      Take Care!


    • Hey Bob – I also find the very largest of the sailing ships totally fascinating. The length of the Kruzenshtern is 125 yards which is 15 yards longer than an American Football field – that puts the size of these vessels into perspective and the height and complexity of the masts and sails is mindboggling!

      Thanks, Bob, but there are many other much better photographs of these ships to be found online! Glad you enjoyed them though!



  1. Hi Karen – The were so huge I couldn’t get any of the ships completely within any of my shots!!! The ships were docked in Leith, which is on the edge of the River Forth at Edinburgh, and because of the mirriad of dockside buildings, it was not possible to get far enough away to get them in frame! So I did the best I could! I would have liked to have seen them in sail on the river as they arrived or left but we were only able to grab a single day because we were still in school term time! It was a day to remember though!



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