Verona, Italy

While visiting Lake Garda on one of our trips to Italy, we embarked on a day’s tour to the city of Verona; not because we had heard anything special about the city itself, but because of the link with William Shakespeare’s plays. The stories of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona’ are set there and that in itself draws many tourists from around the world! Of course, we had to visit the famous balcony where Romeo is supposed to have wooed Juliet, and take a photograph, but we were not enticed into paying to have our photographs taken on the balcony itself! We left that to younger romantics!

The walled city itself is very pretty, is steeped in history like virtually all of Italy, and well worth a visit! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take many photographs because we were taken round at a very quick pace, but I hope you will enjoy the selection published here, including the famous balcony itself!

This street is Via Leoni and Juliet's house and balcony are on the right a few hundred metres ahead

This street is Via Leoni and Juliet’s house and balcony are on the right a few hundred metres ahead

Juliet's House and Balcony

Juliet’s House and Balcony

We were amazed by the number of tourists visiting what is essentially a totally fictitious tourist attraction! What stunned us even more were the number of English speaking people there who gave me the impression that they were visiting an actual, genuine, historical site! Some human beings never fail to amaze and amuse!

Verona Market

Verona Market


Far end of Verona market showing links with Venice (the winged lion). The intricate designs on the building facades are wonderful!


Statue of the famous poet Dante who came to Verona on his exile from his home city of Florence.


Tower of Torre dei Lamberti. I liked the colours and angles in this shot.


This is ‘Arena di Verona’ where operatic concerts are performed.


We had a lovely lunch in this restaurant overlooking the ‘Arena di Verona’.

It was a very enjoyable day trip and well worth the visit! Just remember, if you do happen to find yourselves there, the story of Romeo and Juliet is pure fiction; but fun to visit all the same!



7 thoughts on “Verona, Italy

  1. Great shots…it really is a great city with welcoming people. I always tell folks there’s nothing wrong with the obligatory Rome/Florence/Venice thing for your first trip to Italy, but after that it’s imperative to branch out and see these places most tourists miss.

    Did you go inside the arena? It’s pretty amazing.

  2. Great photos John!!! People are so vain – Romeo & Juliet real?? They should read more!!! I would love to explore more of Italy – I am going back there someday for sure!!! I fell in love with Venice!! 🙂 **

    • Just checked further back to find your Verona comment, Xandre! Thanks for that! I am still having a bit of an issue with resizing my photographs when getting them ready for the web! Sometimes, when published in WordPress using the same settings, they come out pin sharp, and other times they do not! I have also just set up a menu item at the top of the page ‘Photographic Locations’ and when you dig down to a list of posts for a country, some of the thumbnails are sharp and some are not! Don’t quite get it! How long are you planning to remain in Canada before you return to SA, or are you hoping to live there for good?



      • I’ll browse your blog a bit John!! Haven’t done that in a while, just read the posts and on to the next!! We are planning on being in Canada for quite a while, but we are not a fan of this type of cold (for this amounts of time!), it is better now that it is summer… but so far we are planning on moving back in a few years time!! We’ll have to see where the wind blows us!! 🙂 **

  3. Beautiful photos John. The architecture is really beautiful. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts and see your photos 🙂

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