Ripon, England – Part 2

For viewers who are new to my blog, I have just started to document my current home of Ripon, North Yorkshire before we sell our current house and move home to Scotland. This is the second post in the series and I have included 7 new photographs of what is essentially a medieval market town and Cathedral City. I hope you like the photographs:


Looking across the Market Square from East to West with the Green Cab Drivers Hut and traditional red British Telephone Boxes in view.

I just love the deep red colour of telephone boxes and Royal Mail Pillar Boxes in this country!

Looking along Kirkgate from Ripon Cathedral.

Looking along Kirkgate from Ripon Cathedral.

Kirkgate is one of the oldest streets in Ripon and it runs from the front of Ripon Cathedral, east to west, towards the Market Square. This photograph was taken from outside the Cathedral entrance looking towards the Market Square.

One of the beautiful large houses in Park Street.

One of the beautiful large houses in Park Street.

Park Street has some lovely old houses which have been superbly preserved and looked after. The direction of this photograph, and the next image of our Doctors’ Surgery, is looking generally west to east towards the Market Square.

This building houses our Doctor's Surgery in Park Street.

This building houses our Doctor’s Surgery in Park Street.

I hate visiting the doctor but I love the inside and outside of the building!

There is something about tiled roofs and chimney stacks!

There is something about tiled roofs and chimney stacks!

I cannot understand my fascination with tiled roofs and chimney stacks but I seem to have a lot of photographs of different types in my photograph bank! This one is of a roof in High Skellgate.

The Workhouse Museum in Allhallowgate.

The Workhouse Museum in Allhallowgate.

You have probably heard of the Workhouses that used to be all over this country. If you have ever watched the musical ‘Oliver!’ you will have an even better idea of what I am talking about! These places were for the poor and destitute who had nowhere else to go, at a time when there was no Welfare State. The environment was harsh and discipline was strict! Ripon Workhouse was still in operation as a workhouse until around 1930, and still took in vagrants until the early 1950s, although the welfare state was by then in operation! Before I retired as Headteacher (Principal) of a local school, one of our children’s grandmothers, who I got to know quite well, told me that she had been in the Workhouse as a child! Not as far in the past as we tend to think! The Workhouse now houses Ripon Workhouse Museum, which makes for a really interactive and interesting visit!

Ripon Market Square.

Ripon Market Square.

In ‘Ripon, England – Part 1’ I published the first image of Ripon Market Square. This second image gives a wider perspective on the square. There is a market held here every Thursday and I hope to be able to show you some photographs of the square with its stalls set up, if I can get permission to take photographs from the balcony in the Town Hall!!

That is all for this post and I hope you have enjoyed the photographs published here.

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Cheers until next time!


3 thoughts on “Ripon, England – Part 2

    • Hi Xandre – Nice to hear from you and thanks for your ‘comment’! I have been keeping up with your Instagram photos on Twitter and your blog posts, even though I haven’t been commenting recently – nothing wrong – just been busy with other things – not ignoring you or your ‘stuff’! Homesickness is not nice but I assume from your ‘stuff’ that it isn’t spoiling your time in Canada? I really need to do some other posts myself – just need to decide where to choose!



  1. It’s a really beautiful village John ! I love the architecture and it must be great to have a market once a week. Where I live we have a market but it’s very small and it’s not outside and we have it only from June or July through October I think. I was very interested by these posts on Ripon because this winter I saw the series Downton Abbey and when they were going to the village, they say they were going to Ripon, I suppose it’s the same village ?
    You had a great idea documenting your village with photographs, you’ll have memories of where you lived for so long, and more importantly of how it looked like when you lived there. I enjoyed these two posts and I’m looking forward for more photos !

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