London, England – Part 2

Our younger son, Russell, and his partner, Fiona, live and work in London. It is a huge city, and when we visit, we don’t always manage to see the sights! On our last visit, there was one day which started off with bright blue skies! The day was calm but chilly. We decided to go into the centre! In the half hour it took us on the London Underground, the weather changed dramatically, as you will see from the published photographs. It was very still, but the sky was heavy and cloud covered! I couldn’t believe it! I had taken my camera, and had been anticipating a good shooting session, so whereas I would normally have avoided such a day, I was determined to take some photographs regardless! I am rather pleased with the way they came out! I just hope you like them too!

These photographs are of Westminster:


Big Ben!


Big Ben again! The top of the ‘Shard’ can also be seen in the distance. It is currently the highest building in Europe.

The London Eye and River Thames.

The London Eye and River Thames.


The London Eye. Close up on Gondolas!

I hope you like the photographs. I hope to publish more over images from the same shoot over the next few days. Thank you for visiting my post. Please feel free to click on this link London, England – Part 1 to see earlier London photographs or browse some of my other work by clicking on the ‘Photographic Posts’ button at the top of the page or having a look in the Archives section in the right hand column.



2 thoughts on “London, England – Part 2

  1. I love the mood of these photos, the clouds are beautiful. But I know what you mean, we always prefer a blue sky with puffy clouds but I think grey skies and clouds can add to a photo a lot too, it’s just not the same atmosphere but it’s as beautiful. I really love the photo of the London eye and River Thames.

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