Argyll Street, Glasgow, Scotland

Hi All! The City of Glasgow, the place of my birth and early upbringing, has many sandstone tenement flats like the one on the right side of this photograph. Many of them are now privately owned, have been cleaned up, repaired and are beautiful. Why they built and linked the later part on the left, I do not know! Sometimes the old and new together just don’t work! My view only! What do you think?

Like the world famous comedian, Billy Connolly, I was brought up around the same time in a Glasgow sandstone tenement flat. My parents flat had one bedroom, a living room, kitchen and bathroom on the top floor and I slept in a little alcove in the kitchen. We were poor but happy. We always felt so privileged because we had a bathroom in the flat, because most other families had to share a communal bathroom with the other families who had flats on the same floor. Yuk!

You can see the constituency office of Ruth Davidson MSP (Member of the Scottish Parliament) in blue. This was from when she was leader of the Scottish Conservative Party. She is about to take a seat in the House of Lords in the London UK Parliament. There, she will become Baroness Davidson.

Thanks for visiting my blog and as we say in Scotland “Haste ye Back”!


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