Democracy in Action – Brexit – Remain Demonstration!

Hi Folks! You will be aware, no matter where in the world you might come from, that the UK has been participating in Brexit (Britain leaving the European Union)! This has been a very controversial topic for us Brits and it very much split the country in two; those for exiting the EU and those who wished to remain.

At the referendum, although the brexiteers (those who wish to leave the EU) had the most votes, the percentages for and against were quite close and this sparked off demonstrations around the country and caused animosity between individuals, friends, communities and also between the countries that make up the United Kingdom.

This image is from one of the ‘Remain’ demonstrations held outside the Houses of Parliament in London, after the referendum had dictated what was going to happen, with lots of shouting, noise, chanting and flag waving. Democracy is a wonderful thing!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I will occasionally slot in a different image to the usual landscape/cityscapes and I hope the blog still appeals to you.

Technical Issue: No map today with this image because I have noticed that the live map doesn’t allow the posts to load and display quickly and comes up with errors on the page when loaded. I am looking into this!


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