Mount Titlis Rotair, Engelberg, Central Switzerland

Hi Folks! This shot shows the final cable car to the summit of Mount Titlis, Central Switzerland. As the name suggests, the cable car rotates as it rises, giving spectacular views over 360 degrees. It can hold up to 100 people at a time! The guy on the gantry gave us a shock as he climbed out of the cable car, up the arm and leapt across to the gantry! Maintenance only! Thank goodness! No suicide attempt!

It was a bit of a shock and we were fixated so much that I forgot about the camera! Slapped wrist for me! However, I did get this shot before he climbed back over and back into the cable car! No harness or safety rope as far as we could see!!

Thanks for visiting! Hope you like the photograph? See you soon!


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