Freddie Mercury (Queen) Statue, Montreux, Switzerland

Hi Folks! The Freddie Mercury Memorial Statue lies on the Montreux shore of Lake Geneva. It is a very powerful and symbolic statue and represents the close relationship between the Queen Band Members and the people of the place.

My other half and I have been Queen fans since university days in the early 1980s and were privileged to have front of stage positions at a Queen concert at Ingleston Showground near Edinburgh in the 1985. The professionalism and dynamic performance just left us in awe! Wonderful showmen, all of them! It was so sad when Freddie’s life was cut short by Aids and it was a ‘bucket list’ wish to see the statue and visit the Queen Museum in Montreux. That’s one item ticked off!

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Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy

Hi Folks! Another view from Lake Como today as I am editing these particular photographs. I hope you like them?

I really like this image with a sophisticated looking beautiful Italian house on the edge of Lake Como with mountain background and lake view. This image is taken towards the north end of the lake early in the morning just as the sun is coming up behind me and to the East.

If you would like to see the images in my blog at larger size, please have a look here! All of my photographs for sale can be printed up to A2 size in high definition.

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City of Como, Lombardy, Italy

Hi Everyone! This photograph of Como harbour was taken at sunset. The sun was still on the hillside, leaving the city in shadow. We had spent the afternoon at Como Christmas Market and had a long journey back around Lake Como to get back to Caddenabia. It was dark about 10 minutes after this image was taken!

Como is a beautiful city surrounded by high hills and full of historic buildings and a cathedral.

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Argyll Street, Glasgow, Scotland

Hi All! The City of Glasgow, the place of my birth and early upbringing, has many sandstone tenement flats like the one on the right side of this photograph. Many of them are now privately owned, have been cleaned up, repaired and are beautiful. Why they built and linked the later part on the left, I do not know! Sometimes the old and new together just don’t work! My view only! What do you think?

Like the world famous comedian, Billy Connolly, I was brought up around the same time in a Glasgow sandstone tenement flat. My parents flat had one bedroom, a living room, kitchen and bathroom on the top floor and I slept in a little alcove in the kitchen. We were poor but happy. We always felt so privileged because we had a bathroom in the flat, because most other families had to share a communal bathroom with the other families who had flats on the same floor. Yuk!

You can see the constituency office of Ruth Davidson MSP (Member of the Scottish Parliament) in blue. This was from when she was leader of the Scottish Conservative Party. She is about to take a seat in the House of Lords in the London UK Parliament. There, she will become Baroness Davidson.

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Crop Circles, Sutton Bank, North Yorkshire, England

Hi Folks! A bit ‘old hat’ now but a few years ago we happened to be walking along Sutton Bank and looked over the fields and saw these amazing crop circles! I have only ever seen them in others’ news photographs/films before.

I have not seen any more since! Have they stopped happening? Did the fad become boring, or did the aliens get fed up and go home? Ha! Ha!

Whatever has stopped them, they were fascinating at the time!


Kirkgate, Ripon,North Yorkshire, England

Hi Everyone! Kirkgate is one of the lovely little market streets to be found in the market town/city of Ripon. It leads from the Market Square to Ripon Cathedral which was built between the 13th and 16th Centuries. It is a lovely little street to have a wander along, looking towards the famous Cathedral facade.

We lived in Ripon for around 20 years for work purposes and loved living in such a historic cathedral city. We had planned to spend the rest of our lives there, but being a patriotic Scot, the hankering to return to my home country was just too much. It was the right move for us and we love being back in Scotland, but we do visit Ripon when we can. There are also many lovely pubs, cafes and restaurants to visit if you are on holiday in the area.

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Culross Town Hall, Fife, Scotland

Hi All! Built in 1626, Culross Town Hall was used as the legal centre and village jail. It is said that the jail and court were mostly used to sentence witches in the 1600’s and it ran out of room to hold them all! Lately, it has been used, with other parts of Culross, as a film location for the ‘Outlander’ Time Travel Series. I have watched all but one of the series and they are worth having a look at!

Much of historic Culross is owned and maintained by the National Trust for Scotland. It is a super visit for tourists and locals alike, to see what an old Scots village looked like in the past and to wile away the odd pleasant afternoon. There are a number of tea/coffee shops, and our favourite is the Biscuit Cafe! Their soups in particular are to die for and the bread and butter they serve with it just melts in the mouth! Yum!

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The Titlis Range, Central Switzerland

Hey Folks! Mountains never fail to stun and amaze me. They remind me of my place in the world. Their size and majesty puts us in perspective, as tiny human specks who ski on them, on a world that is a tiny speck itself in the universe. How insignificant and humble should that make us feel?

This shot was taken towards one of the many ski runs around Mount Titlis. The two skiers give perspective to the surrounding mountains and the strata of the mountain sides, both close by and distant, show the history of layers being laid and movement over millennia! Stunning!

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Lucerne, Switzerland

Hi Folks! Gorgeous Lucerne is a Swiss city which lies on the north west corner of beautiful Lake Lucerne in Central Switzerland. A mix of new and historic buildings, you can see some of the stunning buildings that line the side of the River Reuss which flows into the Lake. You can see Lucerne Cathedral to the right of the photograph.

My wife and I have visited Lucerne twice, once in wet and dreary weather and this time in sunshine! We obviously preferred the sunshine! There are many, many great eating and drinking places in Lucerne and we sampled a few ( although I can’t remember their names )! Not to be missed on a trip across stunning and oh so clean and tidy Switzerland!

I am so impressed by Swiss people and the languages they speak fluently. I was in a queue in a small shop in Thun and the girl who was checking out people’s shopping changed languages a number of times from French, to German, to Italian to English! We were obviously the English speakers and she chatted away perfectly! I asked her how many languages she knew and she said five! Stunning really and makes me ashamed that I only know my own. Thats what living on an island does for you!

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Brunnen, Switzerland

Hello again Folks! This visit is to Brunnen, which lies on the edge of Lake Lucerne. Behind Brunnen is the town of Schwyz (Home of the famous Swiss Army Knife). The two mountains in the background of the photograph are the Kleiner Mythen on the left and Grosser Mythen to the middle.

I had real issues with this photograph as it was taken quite early in the morning with terrible exposure issues over the depth of the image! I have tried my utmost to make it look its best! It really is a stunning vista!

My other half and I were on a little motor boat on Lake Lucerne at this point heading from Altdorf ( The home of William Tell ) to Brunnen! I took three shots at different focal lengths and the exposure was difficult in all three! I sometimes wish that itineraries allowed for revisits when photographs just don’t take well! Ha! Ha!

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